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Top 10 Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for Android

Top 10 Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for Android

Looking for some Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for your Android mobile? Do you want Top Emojis Flash Keyboards Android Apps available for free of cost? This post will guide you a bit on this!

Emoji is a digital icon that is used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. In today’s generation, it’s kind of boring for one to text somebody without expressing emotions. Emoji keyboard is an easy way to text with emotions. Although Android phones also provide a default emoji keyboard, those who don’t want to use it, they can try other emoji keyboard apps.

Listed below are the top 10 best emoji keyboard apps for Android users:

Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for Android

GO Keyboard

This is one of the best Android Keyboard apps with a number of 200 million users worldwide. It provides a box of 800 emoticons, stickers and other emojis to express more perfectly. With the assistance of over 60 languages, it also offers a smart auto-correction system that makes your typing a bit faster and easier. It also includes 100 different colour themes, fonts, layouts, tones and much more.

Also, it aids voice input typing and also respects the privacy of the user by not asking for any personal information. The app is comfortable with other like Facebook, Gmail, etc. and also listens to the feedback.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This keyboard is free and great for the other apps for Android. It provides a smart auto-correct and a best next-word prediction. It supports for over 800 emoticons and so much more. The swiftkey keyboard is basically an alternative touch keyboard for the android user as it’s smart and smooth. It’s a package full of personalised features that also includes colourful themes, layouts and supports more than 80 languages. The SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the Best Emojis Flash Keyboards!

SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

ZenUI Keyboard

This is the latest emoji keyboard with various emoticons that make the conversations more interesting on the social media apps. It’s an adjustable keyboard that helps you to type fast, either with a click, swipe or a voice input. Also, by selecting the auto correct or prediction words, one doesn’t have to enter full texts while typing.

The ZenUI keyboard incorporates a lot of beautiful themes to decorate the keyboard screen. One can easily access the strings or the options including the theme store, auto correct, etc. from its toolbar. Basically, this keyboard is really worth to be tried if anybody wants to enjoy a smooth and great typing experience with customization that’s easy to use.


It’s a fantastic kind of application that lets you express your messages in a fun and more exciting way. The keyboard is already filled with over 1200 emoticons and smileys and also contains a great selection of GIFs. It also offers a variety of creative themes and lets you customise a theme in your own way.

It saves the time of typing by providing the option of accurate word prediction and auto-correct. It also had a night mode.  The app also offers customised fonts, hashtag searches and voice input. Further, it supports over 60 languages and much more.

TouchPal Keyboard

This app won the Mobile Innovation Global Award. It aids to type fast and easy with curve and prediction. One can use over 1000 emoticons, colourful themes, GIFs and text faces. It also lets you personalize the keyboard with different colours and layouts. Setting up your own image as the background is also an option. It also supports around 97 languages.

Kika Keyboard

This trending emoji app contains an array of emoticons, stickers and GIFs that one can select and can share through the apps like Messenger, Instagram, etc. There are thousands of themes, more than 100 fonts, key tones and much more.

This one also lets one make their own keyboard by choosing any picture or colour or might slide their finger to type in a flash. It supports more than 60 languages, including the voice input technology and auto correction.

Ginger Keyboard

This is another emoji app that one can’t ignore to love. It provides loads of emoji, stickers and animated GIFs that helps one to express themselves. This is the only emoji app that provides a higher quality content very easily. This page’s feature provides you with a number of powerful editing tools like grammar check, spell checker, synonym provider and a personal dictionary to correct the mistakes efficiently.

This has been one of the smartest apps that understand the writing and gives accurate next-word predictions. It allows writing a bit faster with Stream by swiping your finger and even includes more than 100 beautiful free themes and translation between more than 58 languages. It also features smart bar that customises the keyboard. There is no doubt that this app is one among the Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for Android phones.

CM Keyboard

This app is created by the developers of the CM security app-lock antivirus. It’s on the best apps list. It’s an easy to type the emojis that helps one to express their emotions in a more attractive way. In addition to this, it’s a fast, fresh and adaptable and helps you to boost the typing.

One of the amazing features is the uniqueness of inputting numbers. This supports the most used languages including English, French and more and it’s getting popular day by day. It also offers an adaptable input that’s smart and intelligent, character layout and easy switching of the keyboards without a problem.

Flash Emoji Keyboard

This one contains more than 400 emojis and tonnes of stickers. With this, one can type as fast as one can with its elaborated word predictions. It also offers resizing of the screen, auto correct, multi lingual support, tools and much more. As the name suggests and with its features, this is one of the Best Emojis Flash Keyboards available for Android device

Flash Emoji Keyboard
Flash Emoji Keyboard
Developer: Tap Apps
Price: Free

DU Emoji Keyboard

This app is also known as Simeji. It offers thousand of emoticons and stickers and also supports multi-language and voice input. Additionally, they provide themes, backgrounds and various other tools. It’s one of the smartest and easiest keyboards for Android mobiles.

DU Emoji Keyboard(Simeji)
DU Emoji Keyboard(Simeji)


The content comprises of the top 10 Best Emojis Flash Keyboards for the android mobiles. Basically, it gives an idea of some of the easiest and smartest apps that can be used for one’s feasibility. Most of the apps contain various kinds of tools that help the user for better accessibility for the ease of their usage. Other tools like auto-correction, next word prediction, grammar and spell checker, etc. are used by most of the apps.

Best Emojis Flash Keyboards
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