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Top 10+ Cool Uber Tricks You Must Know [Uber App Tricks]


Using Uber app on Android or iPhone smartphone? Here We bring you 10+ Cool Uber Tricks in 2017 for Uber riders of UberPool, UberGo and offers for your ride.

Ask anyone how would they reach to an unknown place in a new city? Pretty sure, nine out of ten responses would go with UBER or any other ride around the city. And why not? After all, UBER has emerged as one of the prominent company in current scenario spreading across 600 cities and other countries giving spectacular services to the people. Tap one single touch on your screen, and in no other time, you are there on to your next destination. Amazing indeed!!

Top 10+ Uber Tricks You Must Know [Uber App Tricks]

However, even though thousands of people are using this platform every hour of the day, many are unable to take the advantage of this service. With such hype going around for extensive use of this ride, it’s important for us to know detailed points which most of us are still unaware of. Keeping in mind the call of the hour, here are few Uber Tricks that must be known to you.


We all know the procedure to rate our rides!! Isn’t it? Just click on any of the 5 available stars depending on your experience and you are done. But do you know that it can happen another way round too? Most of us don’t know that like the same way you rate the driver, the driver also gets to rate you !!.While drivers suffer a lot for their poor ratings; riders can also get blocked temporarily or even get debarred from getting any further ride.So, the next thing that comes to mind is – How to know your UBER rating? Is this one among Uber App Tricks?

All you have to do is click on the three line menu on the left side of the app, and you’ll get to see your rating in the panel. The one main thing required is multiple trips on your app for user rating.


So, you have got to go out for the latest movie, then but of course shopping and then finally to that Chinese restaurant which has just recently shown up. Now, with so many cab rides and cab fares wouldn’t it be annoying and time-consuming to divide the money among you? Pretty yes, but then we have “split fare “option in UBER.

To exercise this option, you’ll need to select the split fare option that will be visible once the driver has accepted your ride request, and then chose the name of the people you want to share your ride with. The only condition being that your friends need to accept your invitation before the end of the trip.


This one is much lesser known fact among people, but Uber’s Safety Net is a great feature designed in keeping the passenger’s security especially women. On top of “share my ETA feature “, you can now pre -select 5 people from you r contact list to receive your ETA information including driver’s details as well.

To do so, go to settings option and select an emergency option. Select those contacts with whom you want to share the information and they would get an SMS. The main perk of this you don’t need an SMS plan for sending out your messages.


If you’re travelling with a friend who doesn’t have Uber, then make them download the same. Just make sure that you make them put your referral code that will grant him free ride worth $15 and you will get $15 off your next ride as well. You will get the referral code in “free rides “option.

And in case if you ever want to do something daring, then just make multiple accounts with different emails and number, until and unless UBER kicks you out of the system!!


Though not of much worth in INDIA, but still one of the best feature to all the music lovers out there!! After all, nothing beats that exotic feeling of listening to your favourite tracks while enjoying your car ride. Sadly, it’s not available in INDIA till now and is limited to iPhone users only. The other requirement being that driver should enable the access to play music with his app too.


One of the amazing features till date from every aspect. It works as a proof of your ride and even an insurance of your safety especially at nights while returning back from work.

With this feature being enabled, you can easily send your current status of your ride, your current location, your estimated time of arrival.Once your ride starts; you can share your location and ETA with people of your choice by selecting the respective option.


UBER lets you edit your pickup location once you have confirmed your booking but this feature comes in handy with some limitation. Firstly, you can edit the pickup location only once after booking and secondly, the change in the location must be within a small radius of your initially picked location.

  • To edit the pickup location-
  • Click on the “edit “button next to pick up location.
  • Tap on that and you’ll get a grey circle and then type the new address of your location .select confirm option too.


Imagine pinning up all your favourite places to explore or all your favourite dresses piled up in one corner. Quite interesting!!  Well, same analogy can be applied here too. To make regular trips easier, set your favourite places in your settings.

Home and work will be the top suggested locations whenever you key up the final location. To do so tap the menu icon and go to settings. Love this Uber Tricks?


If you use UBER for a lot of your office work then sign up with a business profile. It reduces the stress of frequent payments and saves your time too. Go to settings menu and then select “start riding with profiles”.

You will be asked to enter the e- mail address and other payment mode option (your bank credit card) and then you can schedule your expenses weekly or even monthly. Great feature, though!


Well technically it was possible earlier also either by hook or crook, but now it has new feature all way long. This work can be completed by any two ways – whether you have the phone number of the person or not.

If you have the number of the person then you can give UBER permission to access your contact list. For this, go to settings > apps > permissions to grant Uber access to your contacts and then fill in “where to “option. Now in case, your GPS is on, then change that to the location of the person you’re booking a cab for.

Once this is all done, then it will ask you “ride for someone else “, and from the resultant page, select the contact you wish to book a ride for. This is one the best Uber Tricks from this list!


Just like changing the pickup location you can change the final destination as per your choice. There is no need to change your cab instead you can pay according to time and distance. 

What do you think about these Uber Tricks? Love them all?

The above Uber Tricks will not only help you to take advantage of the service efficiently but will also keep you updated. Now as you are aware of these tricks, make sure to enjoy the ride as much as you can.