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Top 10 Best Features of iOS 11 : Must Check List

Top 10 Best Features of iOS 11 : Must Check List

As Expected from WWDC 2017, iOS 11 Has launched. Apple has made tons of Announcements and Announcements Related to iOS 11, Which won the heart of Thousands of Peoples. iOS 11 not have so many changes in its looks. As if you’ll use iOS 11, It will make a feel of iOS 10. Here we got you best features of iOS 11!

So if you are searching for What Changes iOS has made in it’s the newer version, then you are in the Right Place. Below I have Mentioned top 10 Best Features of iOS 11. Also check how to install iOS 11 on your devices!

Must Check: Top 10 Best Features of iOS 11

So without wasting any more time, lets check out the Features of iOS 11!

1. Updated Lock Screen, Control Center and Notification Bars

The first Change they have made with their Lock Screen. The Lockscreen look much better same like iOS 10, But the Way to show notifications has changed. On Older versions, the Notifications were hidden, and For Seeing them, you need to swipe Up. But in iOS 11, There is no Lock Screen Drop Down anymore available, So for Checking the Notification you not need to Swipe Up. All the Notification will show up on Lock Screen. 😉

The Lockscreen looks much similar like an Android’s Lockscreen, You can Open Camera by Swiping Left to Right, But the Major changes they have made is with their Control Center. The Look of Control Center is Changed now, and You’ll get a One Page view for All your controls and Menus. Some users may think that this is little more cluttered, but you could not deny that this is the Best and More Functional than Ever.

2. SIRI Enhancements

This year SIRI has some of the Most Awaited and Required Improvements. They have Improved the Voice of SIRI, Now SIRI sounds much more Natural and It they also made changes in SIRI’s Interface. It also gets a Translation Feature Which supports Chinese, German, French, Italian, And Spanish at the Moment. Soon it will support more Languages. 😉

Another Major Improvement they have made with SIRI is that now SIRI answer Question Based on our previous conversations. Mean it saves all our previous conversation and then predict that what we are going to do next. This information will be shared with your device, So you’ll have the same experience of SIRI Everywhere. All these information will be Secured with End to End Encryption.

3. Improved Messages Apps

There are no so many improvements in messages, but there are some that are worth to mention. The App Drawer at the Bottom has completely changed with a colorful look, and it has come up with some more other features including Google Maps and Apple’s Music. A couple of Changes made with its design; Now you have some more effects on Effect panel which are more impressive and Change the look of your conversation. Another improvement made with Messages App is now all of your messages will sync with iMessage. So now you don’t have to worry about messages lose.

4. Redesigned App Store

This is one of the Biggest changes that had made in iOS. Since the iPhone Launched, there were not any significant changes in its app store, but this time in iOS 11, Apple App Store has changed totally. Now, Whenever you launch the App Store, you’ll see a Today Page which will consist all the Featured Apps and Newly Launched Apps.

Also, They have separated games and Apps Using Tabs, Which makes surfing the App store much easier. Each of the Page on App Store starts with a Featured App, Followed with the New launched Apps. Apple has included these features to make surfing easier in App Store. I am sure that you’ll like this new look and this will be the One of the Main Reason to Upgrade to iOS 11.

5. Files App

When it comes to accessing your files, Apple knows for keeping the tight leash on its user. But this time it is changed in iOS 11, As it comes with a pre-installed App. The App comes with same icons that we see on MacOS. This app allows you to connect with your Third Party Cloud Drives like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also see the Files available in your phone’s storage, So you can Quickly Copy and Move file anywhere you want in the App.

6. Improved Apple Maps

Now, Apple Maps is come up with All new Indoor Maps for Malls and Airports. You are now able to see that which shop is on which Way or Level and You’ll be able to navigate it inside an Airport or Shopping Mall. The App also comes with Lane Assists, So you’ll never miss a Turn or Exit. 😉 It comes with various connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you are driving, It will automatically enable the do not Disturb Mode. Even you can set Auto Replies to your favourite contacts to let them know that you are driving. 🙂

7. Screen Recording and Screenshot Markups

iOS 11 Comes with the Ability to record the Screen of your iDevice Natively. There is a Quick icon on Control Center from where you can Record your screen without the use of any third party Apps.

Even with Recordings, iOS 11 has also included a new animation and Functions for Screenshots. Whenever you take a Screenshot, It will pop-up on top Left Corner, you can launch it and Make Changes before Saving the Screenshot. 😉 This is one of the best Features of ios 11!

8. Apple Pay

Apple pay is one of the Popular choices for making Transaction for an iPhone User. According to Apple, More than 50% of Retailers in the United States are now started to accept to pay via Apple pay. iOS 11 has come up with Peer to Peer Payment using Apple Pay. So From now, you can send money to your friends without even opening an App, You can Directly send with your Messages App. 🙂

9. Camera and Pictures Updates

There are some of the improvements comes from the Camera and Pictures, Many of them are internal, but I think it would be worth to know. Now the Camera app will save pictures on HEIF Format which will save images in smaller size, without affecting its quality. Same as Video will be coded in HVEC Codec, so the size of video files also be reduced to 50% without losing the Quality.

Features of ios 11

Another Feature that has been added in Camera App is that now you can add filters on live photos.

10. Updated Apple Music

Apple Music now allows you to see the playlist of your Friends; Even you can Share Playlists with your friends too. You can see what your friend is now listening. Yeah, You can change this by surfing settings, but this is one of the real updates as Apple Music is going popular these days.

So these were the Top 10 Best Features of iOS 11. As There are so many but I can’t add each in the List Above, I mentioned only the Best One According to me. If you like any of the Features mentioned Above Make Sure to let me know in Comment Section. Also Share this Post on Features of ios 11 with your friends too. 🙂