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Best High-End PC Games to Try in 2019

Best High-End PC Games to Try in 2019

PC gaming has revolutionized a lot, thanks to technological advancements. The sophistication in technology, say in gaming peripherals, screens and consoles, have made the entire art of gaming likable to so many people. With many gamers seeking different games, manufacturers are up and about coming up with new modern classics that would improve any game library.

As a new gamer, it can get challenging to find high-end PC games to try out. Even expert have to go through a franchise of games before they figure out their best picks. Lucky for you, here is a couple of the best high-end PC games you need to try in 2019:


Best High-End PC Games to Try in 2019

Figure 1 Overwatch

For gamers that are into flashy and colorful colors, the overwatch is the perfect game to play in 2019. This game is a prime spot for team-based hero shooters, with vivid characters all the way. The game is made for a team of six, who take the roles of tank, DPS, and healer. The idea is to battle on more than just which gamer has the most skills. The game is majorly a battle for objectives. The good thing is that it has a growing cast, and right now, you can choose from 27 heroes, which means it befits different kinds of players.

Apex Legends

If you are one who loves battle royale games, then Apex Legends s your best pic in 2019. This game has a couple of improved features, not to mention, it is free to play. For one, its micro-transactions are cosmetic only. If you are short of some gaming accessories like a mic, you do not have to worry yourself too much when playing this game. It has impressive non-verbal communication systems

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is an excellent remake game that can go well with the best CPU for gaming. This game has a mix of a mix of nostalgia and newness, thrilling and tense experiences for gamers, keeping you all up on your toes during gaming. Even as a remake, it has a ton of fresh ideas that make it a classic survival horror game worth looking into in 2019.

Slay the Spire

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Figure 2 Slay the Spire

For gamers looking for daily challenges and custom runs, Slay the Spire is an excellent game to consider. This game fashions a single-player deck builder, with a lot of power that you can accrue through smart deck building. With this game, you are allowed to have crazy combos, only because you do not necessarily need to balance your deck or ensure that the monsters have fun. After all, it is a singleplayer card game.

Rainbow Six Siege

This is a game that is similar to the Counter-Strike but is much better. The Siege game is a lot more accessible than the Counter-Strike, not to mention its high regard and reward for smart timing and coordinated teamwork.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

If you played Vermintide 1, you should be excited about Vermintide 2. This game resonates with the formats of Valve’s classic co-op shooter, Left 4 Dead. For every hero in this game, you can tell that they have their own vulnerabilities. Ideally, there are five heroes to be played, with a long list of possible weapons and specialty skills. The game projects a general and mutual need for protection from the parties involved, which makes it a perfect game for a team effort.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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Figure 3 Ni No Kuni

The Ni no Kuni II is among the prettiest and most ambitious JRPGs on PC. Ideally, once his rightful crown is stolen, a young half-cat king has to rebuild a kingdom along with a new circle of friends.  The whole concept of this game is kingdom building, with a pairing of an expansive open world with exciting real-time third-person combat. The game maintains a thrill when gamers have to tackle secret dungeons and mini-bosses.


The Frostpunk is a city-building game. Unlike other games in this category, the Frostpunk doesn’t offer an open-ended experience. Instead, this game is one that happens over 45 days. Technically, the events occur periodically. The whole game is based on trying to manage hope, by ensuring that you keep a couple of citizens alive in a perpetually frozen world.

At the end of the day, the choice of game you determine should be based upon your preferences as a gamer. The only thing is to ensure you stay alert for new releases, and you spice up your gaming experience by procuring the best gaming interfaces, peripherals, accessories, and consoles there are in the market.