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Top 7 Best Methods to Monetize Your Blog 2017 [Make Money Online]

Monetize Your Blog 2017: Making money from your blogs/websites is not a myth. It is possible to make money online 2017 through different ways. If you’re a part-time or fully time blogger and want to turn into an income generating asset then use some monetization techniques to your blog and make money blogging easily.

Best Methods to Monetize Your Blog 2017
Best Methods to Monetize Your Blog 2017

There are thousands of even millions of bloggers are exists in this world. But only a few of them become a successful and professional blogger and to make money blogging online.

According to a survey, almost 98% bloggers fail to succeed in blogging era. The main reason behind blogging is very simple. People doesn’t have patience and without patience, you never ever succeed in blogging because it takes some time.

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath !!!
Then you will be SUCCESSFUL”

So if you want to to make money through blogging and become a successful blogger, then choose some specific and best monetization techniques that help you to make more money.

There are dozens of ways to advertising and monetizing your blogs/websites. But here I’ll list out 7 best ways to monetize your blogs 2017 and make money online via your websites. Yeah, it’s all about Monetize Your Blog 2017 đŸ˜€

Mostly, bloggers give up because they aren’t making any money at all. My official advice is not to give up! Blogging takes time and more time to build as a brand. Once you become a brand, you can automatically get higher traffic and natural high-quality backlinks and make money 2017.

The following list is a collection of different making money from your blogs or websites. But it all depending on your website niche/topic, your target audience, traffic volume, and other engaging factors.

These all methods are not worked for all websites equally, so don’t get dishearted if any one method doesn’t work for you. Simply try a different one and make money blogging.

I hope and full confident about this collection. It helps you to check out all the best monetization techniques and different ways to make money online via websites/blogs.

40 Best Methods To Monetize Your Blog / Website

#1 – Google AdSense (PPC Advertisement)

If you’re a blogger or ever worked online, then you really know about “Google AdSense”. Google AdSense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platform which is owned by Google.

When talking about monetization part of a blog, then Google AdSense is the first choice of every blogger and webmaster. Everyone always tries to get approve their AdSense account and make money online from their blogs.

Always place your ads at that place where CTR (Click Through Rate) higher and you’ll get easily dozens of clicks. So if you’ve received about 1000 visitors per day on your blog then you can easily make $200 to $400 easily.

Note That: Approving AdSense account is much difficult, so if you’ve not an AdSense account then choose other Google AdSense Alternatives like Infolinks and make money blogging.

#2 – Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the No.1 way to monetize your blog or website especially for professional. Newbie doesn’t prefer this technique. Because they don’t receive majority traffic. But when your blog became successful, then you can monetize your contents via some affiliate links.

When anyone comes to your web page and click on that affiliate link and buy something that your offer you’ll get the small amount of commission.

If you’ve a blog about blogging and SEO related, then you can sell themes, templates, widgets, plugins, web hosting, domain names and other SEO services and a tool for your readers and make money online from them. 

#3 –  Sell Ad Space (Direct Advertising)

Many top rated and successful sites in this way make millions of dollars every single month. If you consider your blog receive a huge amount of traffic then you’ve a chance to sell out your AD SPACE to your visitors and get some certain amount for that particular ad space.

You can create a separate page for this purpose. But I recommend you to go on BuySellAds (BSA) or any other alternative like PublicityClerks etc, where you get a professional advertiser and making a huge amount of money.

#4 – Sell Your Own Digital Products (eBooks)

eBooks are the best way to create your own branded digital products and sell to the internet. If people may interest to your products a huge amount of people buying your copies and you can make a real huge money.

You’ve a more potential to make more money through selling your digital products directly. Because there is no middle-man or person in between you and the buyer, so you can make more money.

Use your capabilities and creating good products like eBooks and promote it on all popular platforms like Amazon. You can also sell your own products on your own site but this brings up many issues like payment gateways issues and many others.

#5 – Cost Per Mile Advertising (CPM Ad Network)

CPM stands for “Cost Per Mile”. In this advertising network, you can make money through per thousand impressions. Like if you receive thousand impressions you’ll make $5 to $20 and much more according to the traffic you received and your content quality.

There are many CPM ad network available but the most trusted and fully recommended networks are Yahoo! / Bing contextual ad network called “Media.Net” or infolinks.

Generally, as much your ad provider, you can earn as much money. Because it varies on how much they will pay you. Some network pays you more and some very low. But I fully recommended you to use Media.net that pays you as much as not one can.

#6 – Product Reviews

Many bloggers who have the ability to write quality reviews on other products and share to their blogs. They published only 2 to 3 product reviews a month on their blogs and making $200 to $500 plus every single month. 

Creating contents and writing product reviews is the most effective way to make money from your site. If your website receive a huge traffic and your readership loyal with you and your contents and they trust you. Then you can charge up to $100+ per product review depending on your site traffic and contents. 

#7 – Take Donations

If you’ve a good, strong and fully engaged community and readership but don’t have a ton of monthly visitors to your site then simply ask your readers to donate to your blog. 

It is not a good idea but you can also make money online through collecting donations from others. This technique helps you to cover your major expense like hosting plans, domain registration and other short-term. 

Like Paypal Donation Button, you can add it to your site and ask your readers to donate you. There are many sites on the internet who’re only making money online via donations.

Hope you enjoyed this! Do share this post, If you feel it helped you on finding the Best Ways to Make Money 2017 with your blogs!  Hope you Monetize Your Blog 2017! Don’t forget to share your experience in comments below!

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