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How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2, 3, 4 for Free [Step by Step]

How to jailbreak on apple tv

Easy Jailbreak solution for Apple TV 3, 2 and 4 with a new service tool

 Many users will be happy to hear that there is working service tools that can effectively jailbreak the Apple TV 4 set as well as the Apple TV 2. In this short article, we will focus on explaining what it takes to conduct the jailbreak and we will also provide an explanation of the entire procedure.

Pangu team releases new jailbreak tool for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 2

The new version of the ATV jailbreaker was released and so far it is known that it is compatible with ATV 4 and 2, but so far it cannot jailbreak the Apple TV 3 which runs on iOS 6.1.4/TvOS9.0. S. Unfortunately this means that in this article we will focus on examining the jailbreak procedure for ATV from the 1st, 4th and second generation, while the users from the 3rd generation will have to wait a bit more.

Why Jailbreak ATV 4/ATV 2?

It is crystal clear that all Apple devices are compatible and can use Apple approved applications only. This means that most of the software you are using was downloaded from iTunes directly. Because of these limitations that are imposed by the manufacturer, many users want to jailbreak their Apple device (most notably the Apple TV) and use different applications from different manufacturers that are not officially authorised by Apple.

How to jailbreak on apple tv 2017

Shortly put, the jailbreak term means converting the iOS system of Apple to allow using apps and programs from non-Apple manufacturers.

For instance, if you successfully Jailbreak your Apple TV 4, you will be able to use programs such as the XMBC and stream different media sites on the platform. Still, please keep in mind that any channel that costs money to subscribe (such as Hulu Plus) will not be available for free as well, and you will need to pay the subscription fee.

Benefits of Jailbreaking ATV 4 or Apple TV 2

The Apple TV by itself has many useful and fun features which allow you to sync the platform with your computer and play iTunes, watch movies, listen to music or watch interesting TV Shows. Still, due to the safety measures of Apple, you won’t be able to connect to any other media sites and stream their content. Also, if you want to play a rented movie from Apple HD, the process may take even up to several hours.

However, if you do the jailbreak on your Apple TV, then all of this will become a thing of past and you will be able to use your Apple TV platform on a whole different level.


  1. When jailbroken, you can install third party programs and modify any files that are currently stored on your Apple TV
  2. One of the third party apps which you will be able to use is Fire Core, which is app that enables you t try out different type of apps on your ATV platform
  3. Stream media content from different iOS devices via Airplay
  4. Use XBMC, Hulu, Nito, LastFM
  5. The jailbreak is simple and fast, with average completion time of one hour

The benefits of jailbreaking Apple TV 4/2 are enormous, so it should not be something that you need to consider doing, in contrary you must do it.

How to jailbreak on apple tv

The best part about jailbreak is the fact that if you are not satisfied with the process you can reverse it and return the device to the state it was prior the jailbreak took place.

The Jailbreak is official and legal process

Do not worry yourself with trivial matters about the jailbreak, because this procedure is official and legal, and you will not get in any troubles doing it.

Bellow, you will find the complete instructions on how to Jailbreak your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 2:

Explanation Apple TV 4 Jailbreak 

  1. Take your USB C cable and connect the Apple TV4/2 with your Mac computer
  2. It is required that you disable the feature “Automatic Updates” on your ATV 4/2. Just go to your device Settings—System—Software Updates, and set the slider of Automatic updates to Off.
  3. Of course, you will need to download the Pangu Jailbreak tool as well as the iOS App Signer. Both of the downloaded programs will be zipped, so extract them both before you use them
  4. Launch Xcode and do this—Open File—New—Project—tvOS—Application—Single View Application—Next
  5. Fill in the empty fields with the required data
  6. For instance for Product Name write “Jailbreak”, for Organization write “Your Name”, for Organization Identifier write “com.jailbreak.appletv”
  7. Leave the rest as it is and press Create
  8. Choose the Product destination by pressing on Apple TV from the top bar—Product—Destination
  9. Now press on your Apple ID which is located in the team area. If you don’t have Apple ID, make one, and connect it to Xcode by going to Xcode—Preferences—Accounts
  10. If you have providing problems just press the “Fix Problem” button
  11. Launch the iOS App signer, press the “browse” button and choose the atvipa.app file. This file usually is located in the Payload folder which is in the Pangu download file that you have previously extracted
  12. Now, form the iOS app signer, choose “Certificate and provisioning Profile” for the app you have just created in Xcode
  13. Press the Start button in the iOS App Signer. You should see the atvipa.ipa file available on your desktop
  14. Start Xcode, open Windows—Devices and select your Apple TV device
  15. Just under Installed apps, push the “+” button, and select from the desktop the activa.ipa file
  16. You should see the Pangu jailbreak tool as available on your Apple TV 4/2. Once it is shown on the home screen of the Apple TV, you can begin the jailbreak process
  17. Pretty much, that is the entire process, now using the Wi-Fi IP address of your Apple TV set, it is possible to SSH into your Apple TV 4/2 unit.

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