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Best places to visit in Paraná, South Brazil


Paraná has a huge interior where Brazil’s waterfalls of Foz do Iguaçu are world-famous. The state’s relatively short coastline offers the best places for an active vacation, especially hiking. Along the coast lie colonial towns like Morretes and Antonina and natural areas like RPPN do Sebuí and National Park Salto Morato.

Visitor Information in Curitiba

Curitiba is Paraná’s capital and known as Brazil’s ecological capital – an interesting contrast to its also being Paraná’s industrial centre. The city is a prime example of how to organise public transport, which is almost a reason in itself to visit the city. Curitiba is a good place to obtain information about Paraná’s tourist attractions and options for an active vacation. The Tourist Office is located at Av. Julia da Costa, 64.

The best place in Curitiba is the train station, the start of a must-do trip for anybody visiting this region. The Litorina Train runs over a 110 kilometres’ long track through spectacular natural scenery of rainforest. The journey goes through 13 tunnels and over 67 bridges while descending 900 metres to the lowlands of Paraná’s coast and ends in the colonial town of Morretes [3 hours’ ride].

Best Place to Visit in the Interior of Paraná: Foz do Iguaçu Waterfalls

Foz do Iguaçu Waterfalls are located far away from any other tourist attraction in Brazil, but worth a trip in their own right. There are 275 waterfalls spread out over two kilometres; it is basically a big horseshoe-shaped cliff where the river cascades over the top. The sheer size of it is unbelievable and a must-see in Brazil. Each hotel in the nearby town of Foz do Iguaçu has information on excursions, opening hours and transportation.

Tips on Places to Visit on Paraná’s Atlantic Coast

Morretes and Antonina are two picturesque, colonial villages south of Curitiba. Neither have spectacular highlights but both are lovely to simply stroll through, admiring restored buildings and giving in to the relaxed atmosphere that these places ooze.

Best Places for an Active Vacation in Paraná

Guaraqueçaba lies eighty kilometres northeast of Antonina and is a tiny, friendly coastal village along Brazil’s Atlantic coast. It is mainly a town to obtain information on the surrounding areas and to stock up before visiting Salto Morato National Park. This park is well maintained, has camping facilities and offers several fabulous hiking trails to, among other things, a waterfall.

RPPN is a Brazilian abbreviation for a protected natural environment; it is like a national park but privately owned. RPPN do Sebuí is hardly known on the tourist trail and a typical destination for the intrepid traveller who loves an active vacation and moreover, is interested in a prime example of eco tourism.

Reservations for a stay at the private reserve of Sebuí are mandatory and can be made through their website. The park can only be reached by water and travellers are transported from Guaraqueçaba by boat to an awesome park of untouched nature. Enjoy waterfalls, trails under the guidance of the very knowledgeable and enthusiastic owner Enzo.

An Active Vacation in Paraná, South Brazil

Paraná has more to offer than the waterfalls of Foz do Iguaçu. Visit Curitiba to get a glimpse of a highly structured Brazilian city or to obtain visitor information on the region. Paraná’s best places along the coast are Antonina and Guaraqueçaba; the latter is a base to visit the NP Salto Morato and RPPN do Sebuí.