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What Are Addons. How to Download and Use for World of Warcraft

What Are Addons. How to Download and Use for World of Warcraft

People who play the World of Warcraft at some point in time may be curious about what these things called ‘AddOns’ are. Some people will be too tentative to ask outright for fear of being called a ‘noob’ rather than getting actual assistance. Have no fear! Learn what they are and how to use them.

What are AddOns?

AddOns are files put in the game folder that can, generally, improve interaction and play in the World of Warcraft. Some make gameplay easier while others provide information while in game. They can be self-contained User Interface (UI), modification (mod), components or dependent on other AddOns while others are a collection of AddOns.

They can alter the WoW interface as well as perform tasks. Some can add new or additional buttons and frames. If there is a function the player is needing help with, there is probably an AddOn out there to perform it. AddOns are typically written by players who wanted the same desired result.

With no size restrictions for AddOns, the memory usage can become massive quickly. Watch the memory available on the machine to ensure the AddOns don’t in fact, slow or lag the gameplay. Based on the computer, the amount of AddOns may need to be limited and chosen wisely.

AddOn Rules and Restrictions

Blizzard Entertainment(B.E.) has official policies pertaining to AddOns. Not following these can result in the suspension or termination of the account(s). One sentence in the policy states, “…failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action.” The following is a summary of that policy:

  • AddOns must be free of charge
  • AddOn code must be completely visible.
  • AddOns must not negatively impact realms or other players.
  • AddOns may not include advertisements or solicit donations.
  • AddOns must not contain offensive or objectionable material.
  • AddOns must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA.
  • B.E. has the right to disable AddOn functionality as it sees fit.

How to Download and Use the AddOns with Curse Client

There are a few places to start for downloading but here Curse Client us used. Go to http://www.curse.com/client/, choose the correct download options for PC or Mac. Choose the save file button. Once saved, click the setup.exe file. Note that some .exe files even with AddOns can be harmful but the .exe file from Curse is safe.

On the following pop up window, check the publisher and ensure it is in fact Curse, Inc. Click Run. If this safety feature is not selected on the computer, it will simply skip to a window for the user agreement. Obviously accept.

There should now be a desktop icon. Click to open Curse Client. The left side of the screen should show the games such as WoW among others if applicable. Below that is a button under Tools, to ‘Get More AddOns’. Single click the plus sign to the left of the button.

This brings up all available AddOns through Curse Client. The top right has a search bar for specific. Once the desired AddOn is displayed, there is an ‘install’ button. Click that and Curse Client automatically puts the AddOns in the correct game folder.

Using the AddOns once Installed

The game must be shut down and reopened after new AddOns are installed. Login to the game and get to the character screen. On the bottom left is an ‘AddOns’ button. Click that and go through and select the AddOns desired. This can be changed at anytime at the character screen. Add one at a time to lessen the complications that could occur. It’s easier to narrow down which one is causing any possible problems.

After that, simply login on a character. Most AddOns are written to simply work in the game but some more complex ones will require some additional in-game setup. Seek help from friends on how to setup or visit the related website material with instructions.

Patch Day and the Effects on AddOns

The player should check Curse before opening the game to see if there are available updates to the game, especially around and after patch day. Many AddOns need updates to work after a patch. Curse Client tracks the updates automatically so the player just needs to install.

If the AddOn is considered out-of-date, go to the character screen. In the AddOns

Screen, it will show on the top right a box to check for operating out-of-date AddOns. Check this and go on about play as normal. Error screens may occasionally pop up due to this but so long as gameplay is not harmed, enjoy.

Easy, Fast, and Simple Equates to Better Gameplay

Once the AddOn process is down the player knows what they are doing, they will wonder how they ever got along without them. AddOns are wonderful for creating unique UIs and creating an ease of the game unknown before. If an AddOn ever makes the gameplay harder or sluggish, simply uninstall it. Experiment, good luck and have fun!