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Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?

Programming Languages are most important today because today age is the computer age, and computer’s can be communicate with each other using some languages. If you want to become an engineer , especially in computer science engineering’s, the most common and important question is that : ” Which programming language as a skill they choose for their career”. Because there are many programming languages are developed and now a days many popular P.L’s are C++, Java, Visual Basic, C# , .NET etc.

Basically as per my experience, many languages are same only their syntax is different. But overall method is same, like variables, constants, declaration process, calling functions etc. As a career choose, in my experience, it totally depends on your passion and choice. Because without passion you cannot do any thing or anything so well.

Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?
When you decided to learn any programming , it is very easy at beginning level, but when you grow, it is very hard to sustain it because there are thousands of new inventions are takes place in IT Industry, so you can always learn more and more new stuffs and always updating your skills.

As I’m also a student of first year of Computer Science Engineering, i was interested in ” C “ and ” C++ “ language and i’m also pretty in good in it. But when i go to my next semesters, i moved on ” Java “ which is still difficult, and also learn many new languages which totally difficult for me to sustain it forever.

If you want to becoming a programming expert or programming geek, then it is mandatory to be good in programming basics , without basics you can be done well in this field. Any particular language, if the core concepts are not clear then you cannot become a professional and at the end you get feel boring sometimes . Whenever you compiling a code and error’s occurs or you trying to debug a program into your project java then you might be bore sometimes.

Most Popular Programming Languages In IT Industry

There are many programming languages are exists , and you can see their competitions and popularity , and then decide which is perfect for your career. So see below some screen shots which i undertakes form TIOBE.COM which provide some charts to figure out which is popular now a days. This report can be adopted in April 2016, so hope it will might be helpful to you.

Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?
TIOBE is a software quality company which is developed this chart. It also stated that their chart is not an suitable or total number of lines written there. It is just from search engine ranking and also their usage in industry.You might be surprised after seeing that the some languages are more older but they goes down. 
Also see out the charts which are collected from GitHub and IEEE website. You can also check this and then decide which is more popular language now a days. 
Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?
Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?
World biggest programming forum, Stackoverflow also provide a survey report to see out which is mostly used now a days and work in this language more and more every single day. So after see this result you can able to choose easily and famous programming language as you career.
Which the Best Programming Language to Choose as a Career ?
So Start to Learn Programming Today ? 
I’m always say that :

Never choose anything from survey charts or reports, so same like in this field

I would also suggest you never choose any language from these type of survey’s reports. It may be helpful to you but always find your passion in which you do well and better way and also watch which might be more popular in future. 
There are many other questions raise into your minds, if any question in your mind then feel free to comment below this article, i reply you soon as possible as i can. So start to learn programming and enter to the digital world . ! ! ! 
Finally, never afraid of picking which is best for you, only pick up one language and start learning then you automatically realize that in which you good in . Pick an interesting project and work on it, choose any language and go ahead. 

Best of Luck ! ! ! if you have any query / question , please comment below and i’m touch you back very shortly as possible.