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8 of the best Smartphone cycling apps for iPhone and Android


We are in the 21st century where technology is at its best. With the evolution of computers, you can do so many things at the click of a button.

If you don’t have a computer or you want to engage in a community activity such as cycling, Smartphones provide you with a cycling assistant. By using the right apps on your phone, you can benefit from various cycling information such as ride tracking, finding new coffee shops, routes planning, and planning and tracking your training.

You can upload your best cycling experience to websites linked to apps to compare it with other peoples’ rides and see where improvements are needed. If you’re still confused on which app to look for, here are the best smartphone cycling apps currently available for iPhone and Android.

  1. Komoot – free, in-app purchases

Komoot is one of the best cycling apps embraced by many cyclists around the world as it has the ability to turn your phone into satellite navigation with voice commands. It is easy to operate as the only thing you need to do is to key in your location and any other place you’d wish to go before the ride, and it will successfully save as planned journey. To make it even more interesting, the activities of the day are recorded as completed tours giving you an opportunity to look back and appreciate what you did. Unlike other navigation apps, komoot tends to give the user different options for reaching their destination, some of which may not be the best. However, it is the best app for those people passionate about exploring new places without getting lost.

  1. Strava – free

Strava is a simple to use app and a symbol of admiration among many cyclists. Since it was launched in 2009, it has never disappointed. It is compatible with the GPS of your smartphone allowing real-time recording of important details such as distance, speed, altitude and other metrics. It comes with a segment leaderboard that allows you to share your speed and time with other people who have cycled the same route before. If you are cycling for competition, you can gauge how good you can do by comparing yourself with other cyclists, and this helps you to work on speed to perform better. Strava has a social functionality that gives you an opportunity to follow closely other cyclists’ weekly progress. With this app, everything matters and you can join clubs and participate in challenges and expect good rewards after winning.

  1. BBC weather – free

BBC weather – free-Cycling apps

Before going out with your bike, it is important to know what to expect as long as the weather is concerned. Obviously, you do not want to go out riding only to be embarrassed by the weather. However, with BBC weather app, you can monitor the weather before a ride and look for any possibility of rain on the horizon or a change in wind speed direction or velocity. This app is free, easy to use and monitors your hourly and daily details.

  1. Rain alarm – free

When it comes to weather, every cyclist is cautious. Before you even take your bike for servicing, you examine how the weather would look like to avoid being stuck in unknown places. With rain alarm app, you can check the weather and decide to go for a ride or to stay. In addition, this app uses real-time data to notify you of any chances of approaching rain and most importantly, it provides exact details on a clear map. This makes it easier for you to track approaching rain and change the route when necessary.

  1. Bike doctor – paid

When riding through various routes, it easy for your bike to develop mechanical problems. One thing about such problems is that it reduces your morale for the day and reduces your cycling speed. However, we have good news for you because, with the bike doctor app, you can maintain, service, or fix your bike with an ease. It is easy to use and comes with step by step instructions on how to fix any mechanical problem on your bike. No experience needed and even a beginner can follow the instructions given to fix their bikes. Therefore, you do not have to panic that something might happen to your bike, or fear exploring new places because, with the bike doctor app, you are sorted. In other words, this app gives you a green light to explore any place regardless of how good or bad it may be without minding what may happen to your bike.

  1. MapMyRide – free, in-app purchases

Biking provides an amazing experience as you can watch anything as you go. Unlike cars that block your view, bikes give you an opportunity to appreciate nature, and you can drop by coffee shops and food outlets and buy your favorite foods and drinks. With the MapMyRide app, you can never go wrong on exploring new places. This app has been around for a while and many cyclists have embraced it thanks to its large routes database that makes it easy to find routes in your area. This app is perfect for people that are so passionate about exploring new places; with it, you will always get your way back successfully.

  1. Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner – Free

Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner -cycling apps

Just like the name suggests, Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner helps plan your journey by providing the quickest and easiest route for you. If for instance you commute from home to school or to work, bike hub app will suggest the quickest routes to ensure that you take the least time possible to avoid lateness. Bike hub app is loaded with routes and can provide turn-by-turn instructions and 2D and 3D satellite navigation with audio announcements. In case your bike has developed a complex mechanical problem, this app will save the day by locating bike shops that are nearest to you. This ensures that you get a bike at the right time to avoid any inconveniences.

  1. Bike citizens – free

Bike citizens is a travel guide and at the same time navigation app. It provides a huge database of more than 450 European city maps which is always updated to allow you to excellently explore new places without getting out of the way. This app provides different routes to choose from depending on your preference. To make it even more interesting, the app comes with a voice command that chooses the routes with a different gradient to matches your preference.

Final thoughts

We are in the 21st century where there is an app for almost anything you need. Biking experience has been made even better with various cycling apps compatible with smartphones available for use. All you need is to choose one that matches your interest and download it. After that, don’t look back when it comes to biking because, with these apps, your safety is a guarantee.