Home Technology Best underwater metal detector: Hobby for exercise and payoff

Best underwater metal detector: Hobby for exercise and payoff

Best underwater metal detector: Hobby for exercise and payoff

Best underwater metal detector – Using best underwater metal detector or best metal detector for beach is a hobby that men and women, young and old alike can actively take part in and enjoy physical as well as monetary benefits from. Fresh and salt water beaches offer an opportunity for the avid saltwater metal detector to practice his or her hobby, get a low impact workout and find gold jewelry, silver jewelry, coins and artifacts.

A best underwater metal detector is electronic device with complex circuitry designed to detect metal which is otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Basic Function of Best Underwater Metal Detector

All metal detectors including best underwater metal detector have three basic functions: Transmit, receive and discriminate. In the control head are two coils, one (the transmit coil) sends electricity down into the ground which creates an electromagnetic field, the other coil (the receive) picks up electrical signals created by the transmit coil and wipes them out. Metal in the ground creates its own magnetic field with the transmit signals and the detector discriminates those (usually in the form of an audio signal) alerting the user to its presence. Since different metals have different conductive properties the detector can be ‘tuned’ to discriminate some metals (such as gold or silver) and ignore others.

Metal Detecting: Hobby of Solitude, Nature, Exercise and Gold

Everyone dreams of a hobby that allows them to relax and exercise. One that does both and has the potential to pay off in gold jewelry, silver jewelry, coins, artifacts and even diamond rings is a dream come true! In the summertime a person can ‘hunt’ (the metal detecting hobbyist buzz word for using a metal detector) from sun up to sun down. Summertime heat is overcome by the fact the user is in the water and the benefit of all that walking is tremendous.

Mumszie (her screen name on TreasureNet, a website dedicated to the hobby) says her reason for metal detecting is: “First and foremost I do this because it’s fun. You just never know what you will find. What adventures may happen, such as my wonderful day this morning with a manatee in the water. Sometimes I just need some “me” time and this is very relaxing for me so it doesn’t matter if I don’t find anything. It is just great to be out there. It has an added benefit of helping my leg and knee. I have arthritis rather badly and one of the few times it does not hurt is when I am in the water. I love the early mornings…. no one around or at least very few people. The mornings are almost always beautiful since I generally start just before daybreak. Seeing the sun come up is another plus.”

Finding a Metal Detector

The first and foremost step in getting started in the hobby is to find a metal detector. Many of the forums (i.e. TreasureNet, Find’s Treasure Forum and Treasure Quest to name a few) have “Equipment For Sale” threads which list used metal detectors, scoops and other ‘tools’ of the trade.. If a used detector is not available there are metal detector stores throughout the world, the largest being Kellyco in Winter Springs, Florida which offers a complete online catalog. Browse manufacturer websites to get an idea as to the latest technology and accessories. Tesoro, Garrett, Bounty Hunter and White’s are all established and respected names with years of manufacturing experience.

Some ideas of places to use a metal detector are beaches (fresh or salt water), old ‘swimming holes’, springs, baptismal locations for churches, grist mill ponds, any place people did or do spend time in or close to the water. Tourist destinations are something of the ‘Mecca’ for detecting hobby enthusiast, as the number of people on a beach increases so does the likelihood of someone losing something and the chance of finding it. Florida’s Treasure Coast, site of the wrecking of the famous 1715 Plate Fleet and numerous other wrecks has yielded gold coins, silver ‘pieces of eight’ and magnificent jewelry for years. Check the McClarty Museum for examples of the incredible finds on the Treasure Coast.

First and foremost: Read the Directions! Each brand and model of metal detector has its own set of peculiarities and with metal detecting ignorance is not bliss. If possible find a veteran of the hobby to team up with, experience is a valuable commodity and members of the metal detecting hobby are generally generous with advice (if not their ‘honey holes’). Read the forums, many have separate sections for brands and underwater detecting and much wisdom is dispensed there. Mumszie (the Lady from TreasureNet forums) offers the following advice for ‘first timers’:

  • Wear some type of shoes in or out of the water
  • Read the forums for advice, there are many out there but I am partial to T-net
  • Read the ‘Golden Olde’ Site not once not twice, but book mark it and read it over and over
  • Put sunscreen or block on even if it’s cloudy out.
  • “Most important of all,” reminds Mumszie, “if you dig in the dirt or even in the sand at the beach. Cover your holes back up! Leaving a bunch of unsightly holes will get us banned from areas.”

Why They Detect

“Hunters”, the term those who metal detect use to describe themselves and others of their hobby have a universal fierce independent quality about them. Yet they will share freely their experience and knowledge of the hobby with anyone willing to learn. Honesty and compassion run deep in hunters and it is not unusual for one to go to any length to return a found class ring or other piece with an identifying mark of the owner on it. Somehow ‘hunting’ becomes more than a hobby for them, it becomes a way of life, a creed to live by and a goal to reach.


  1. Thinking abt this type of device has always been fascinating..the surprise of detecting metal like finding some hidden treasure..just like the fun of participating in a treasure hunt…an interesting and nostalgic article

  2. definitely a great idea to own a metal detector and go to the adventure .. it’s exciting to think about going exploring and maybe finding a little treasure.
    and even not finding anything would still be a particular hobby … it would still allow you to spend a day teaching about adventure and. stay in close contact with nature. make it to the sea .. on the beach or in the water it seems to me an excellent alternative!

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