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Quality Assurance and Its Importance in Software Development

Quality Assurance and Its Importance in Software Development

QA or Quality Assurance is an essential step during software development. It ensures that the quality of the product matches the consumer’s expectations and the right processes are adopted during the development stage. Software products need to be tested to make sure that they match the industry standards and are good enough to achieve the targeted goals.

However, QA does not mean testing the end product; it involves testing all the processes and procedures and making sure they are according to the specified standards.

When new software is launched, consumers expect it to function in a smooth manner. There should be no bugs, which cause hindrance in the working of the software. Software quality assurance helps companies to maintain their reputation, by ensuring that the software is free from bugs and functions as per the expectations. 

QA testing can be done in-house or can be outsourced to the experts. Outsourcing QA services help companies to concentrate on their core tasks of developing software, while the testing part is conducted by third-party companies, who specialize in QA testing. Outsourcing QA allows companies to increase their productivity, and also maintain the quality of their software offerings.

Firms that provide QA services provide different types of packages, such as security testing, compatibility testing, and performance testing. Security testing involves checks to ensure that the software is safe from breaches and other concerns that can cause data theft. Compatibility testing makes sure that the software is compatible with different operating systems and devices.

A performance test is also known as a stress test that is performed to calculate the system requirements of the software. But QA involves many other aspects apart from testing. Some of them are Infrastructure, code reviews, business analytics, performance monitoring, log monitoring, exception handling, and customer support.

The following factors must be considered during the process of quality assessment.

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Maintainability
  • Portability

However, each project has its own requirements. Some projects may require good functionality and usability, while others may require good maintainability. Each project should be studied, and the required factors have to be identified.

Importance of QA Services

  1. Improves the Reputation of the Company

QA Testing is crucial to make sure that users have good UX while using the software. UX or user experience is an important factor that affects the reputation of a company. If the user experience is good, the users trust the company and will buy other products from the company, and a bad UX will have the opposite effect.

Good syntax, right spelling, interactive graphical user interface, and easy navigation are some of the factors that create a good UX. Investing in trusted QA services will help you to test the software and iron out any problems before launching it in the market.

    2.    Helps to Produce High-Quality software

Investing in QA services helps to improve the quality of the software. Software quality assurance ensures that proper processes and procedures are followed during the development of the software. This improves the quality of the software. High-quality software improves the reputation of the company and also increases its market share.

    3.    Saves Time and costs

Quality assurance is a process that works in tandem with the development process. It ensures that problems with the software are identified and dealt with during the early stages, in order to avoid costly and time-consuming solutions at the end.

    4.    Reduces Maintenance

QA helps to reduce the maintenance of the software. Since QA services involve finding out the problems with the software and addressing beforehand, the software does not need much maintenance. High-quality software does not need updates to correct any issues after it is launched. It is low maintenance, which improves the user experience and makes the software reliable.

Software quality assurance ensures that the quality of the software is as per the required standards. Quality assurance is carried out during the entire lifecycle of software development. SQA can be done in-house or can be outsourced to companies that provide QA services. While outsourcing QA tasks, it is essential to choose a firm that offers comprehensive quality assurance programs. Quality assurance provides a number of benefits to the companies such as improving the user experience, increasing the market share, increasing productivity, and improving the quality of the software.


  1. Quality Assurance is one of the most important part for a software development as it makes people more reliable towards the particular software. People can lease or buy a software without a less worry of maintenance.

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