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Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2017

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2017

Are you looking for Best Video Editing Apps for Android? Then here you will get some of the handpicked video editing application for your android mobile. These are the Top List best video editing apps for android 2017!

Android devices nowadays come with video recording support up to 4K resolution in quality which makes them easily comparable to videos recorded on entry-level point-and-shoot digital cameras. If you are someone who records a lot of videos on your Android device, then you must be regularly making use of some video editing applications.

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In case you aren’t able to find the perfect video editing tool for Android even after checking out a lot of video editing applications for Android, then today we bring you a list of the top 5 best video editing apps for Android.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android:

Here I’ve mentioned some of the best Video Editing Android Apps 2017 under basic of their features and popularity. You can go through them and give a try to all these video editings applications on your Android Smartphone.

I have added the download links as well, so that you can directly download those video editing apps from Google Play Store. Most of them are paid video editing apps and some of them are free Video editing Android apps. If you really wanna to some creative editings, then go for the paid ones!

Without wasting anymore time, let’s get started!

List of Best Video Editing Apps 2017

  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Power Director
  • Video Show
  • Filmora Go
  • Viva Video Pro

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe develops some of the best photo and video editing tools across all major mobile and desktop operating systems. The Adobe Premiere Clip application for Android follows the same legacy of other Adobe editing apps and offers users with a clean and easy to navigate user interface.

The features that are available in the Adobe Premiere Clip app for Android is limited but covers all the basic and important features required while editing videos on Android devices.

Download the Adobe Premiere Clip Android app from here.

Power Director:

Another feature-packed and popular among the best video editing apps for Android is the Power Director application. This application allows you to edit videos even of HD quality without any hassles.

Moreover, this application even offers you with some professional level controls such as the speed of your video, transitions and other effects which will help improve the overall feel of the video that you wish to edit.

Download the Power Director app for Android from here.

Video Show:

Coming on third is the Video Show application for Android. The Video Show app for Android is free to install and use from the Google Play Store. Despite being a free application on the Google Play Store, the Video Show Android app offers quite some important video editing tools and this is the reason why the Video Show app is being featured among the best video editing apps for Android today.

This application has received about 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and features supported by this application include adding your own voice to videos, adding emojis to videos and even adding custom themes to videos.

Download the Video Show video editing app for Android from here.

Filmora Go:

What sets the Filmora Go video editing Android app apart from other similar alternatives out there is that while most of the other tools let you edit videos for free, there is usually a time limit for videos which you can edit using such apps. Also most of such free video editing tools for Android puts a watermark of the app itself somewhere within the video which ruins the experience of the video itself.

The Filmora Go app, on the other hand, does not have any such restrictions when it comes to editing videos and even lets you edit and create the best video possible by utilizing the very impressive editing tools of the Filmora Go app for Android.

Download the Filmora Go Android app to edit videos from here.

Viva Video Pro:

Last but certainly not the least, the Viva Video Pro is our pick to end the list on top 5 best video editing tools for Android. The Viva Video Pro is a paid application as the name suggests, however, you can still download, install and check out the free version of the application before making the purchase of the Pro version.

This application does provide all the standard video editing options like background music, cut, merge, trim and along with them also allows you to add effects that are present within the application to give a better visual effect to your videos.

Download Viva Video Pro for Android OS from here.

Final Words:

Hope you found the best video editing apps for Android listed above useful. In case you did find it helpful, do share this list with your friends and also share your favourite video editing tool for Android as comments below. Also, try to check out the Best Torrent Apps 2017 which we shared before. Stay tuned for more updates!