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Best VPN for American Netflix

Best VPN for American Netflix

Netflix needs no introduction because now it has become a giant streaming site where people from all around the world watch movies and their favorite shows. In other words Netflix is more of a world that is full of entertainment, however, like all the other giant streaming sites, this one also comes with a drawback. The word “drawback” we are referring to its geo-restriction error that pops up whenever you are out of the access area of Netflix. An example of the geo-restriction is in China where one cannot use Netflix without using a proxy.

It is more of a cat and mouse game between the VPN providers and the streaming giant. Right now if you type in the search engine to look for the best VPN providers to access Netflix, then you will see a never-ending stream of them because VPNs are now being global to access and unblock the geo-restrictions of different streaming sites. For choosing the right VPN, you must read reviews from sites like https://topvpnchoice.com/.

Now as due to the increased number of VPNs, there are high chances that one can get confused on which VPN to use and which one should not be used. Well, if you are someone who is already a victim of this confusion then don’t worry because today we are here with some interesting information for you. We have compiled a list of the top VPNs for American Netflix so that you can easily access and enjoy the shows and movies of your choice.



This VPN has serves in total 94 countries in which US and America are included. Now the one major reason why we consider it the best VPN is because it comes with amazing streaming speed and with it, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in HD without them being stuck. The one thing that you should know about ExpressVPN is that it doesn’t offer personal IP addresses but what it does is that it gives you the IP that can unblock the restriction of Netflix in your area. Another amazing part about the ExpressVPN is that it comes with very strong encryption that allows you to access Netflix without getting caught, like with this VPN you won’t have to worry about your identity and your IP address because all of that will stay safe and secured. It can work on both iOS and Android too, and you can also install it on three different devices all at the same time.

2-Goose VPN

Goose VPN

Goose VPN has its servers in 22 different countries, and with it, you can easily unblock multiple Netflix catalogs all at the same time. The best part about this VPN is that it comes with very strong encryption that allows you to unblock and access your favorite streaming site without getting caught. Its privacy policy is also robust. This software is pretty easy to use and simple too. Especially if you are going to use a VPN for the first time, then we suggest you give Goose VPN a try.



Lastly, we have the VyprVPN for you that is known to be one of the best VPNs when it comes to unblocking the access on Netflix.This one comes with military-grade encryption and if you are looking for a safer option then yes VyprVPN is what you need to try. It has servers in almost 70 countries, and another appealing factor of this VPN is that it also comes with a great streaming speed and you can enjoy your movies without watching the buffering sign.

These are the top three VPNs of 2018. So, try any one of the above-mentioned VPNs, and we assure you that you will love the experience.


  1. I like netflix. this is good and also for young generation it is very relevant for the upcoming generation.

  2. Have you reviewed CyberGhost? It is a user friendly VPN and it actually provides personal IP’s with servers in almost 30 different countries. Server status can also be checked in real time.

  3. Really great article…Yeah, Netflix is a synonym for the entertainment as the world is completely changed to the digitized. Peoples allover the world including Me, using Netflix to watch best movies and our favorite shows. But the access restrictions in some countries made the most peoples to feel unhappy in using the service..this is really great to hear these three VPN will can solve all those issues.

  4. Thank you for the information, I was really looking for some VPN to watch a TV Show on Netflix a few days ago and I couldn’t because it wasn’t allowed for my country and all VPNs I found didn’t work. I’ll check them out in soon.

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