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Netflix: VOD service promises more anime by early 2018


At the origin of the recent adaptation of the Castlevania video game, Netflix intends to double its efforts to produce original series of Japanese animations. The VOD platform wants to offer more Japanese cartoons in the future, as Netflix’s product manager Greg Peters recently said during his Anime Slate 2017.


Netflix is on all titles going to add animation series. The VOD service, which has nearly 104 million subscribers in the world and which launched the series from the video game Castlevania in early July , plans to go even further in the production of this type of content.

Aware of the enormous potential of this market and even more particularly rating that Japanese cartoons have to the general public, the American giant wants to offer a wider catalog to their users in the future. This is what Netflix announced on the occasion of a large event held this Wednesday in Tokyo.

Netflix said more Anime series coming from 2018


During its event called “Anime Slate 2017 “, the US platform revealed a rain of information about its future programs and content that will benefit its subscribers in the future. Netflix’s true vocation is to open up to a wider audience and he intends to do so by producing more anime and original animated series.

This is what the company’s product manager, Greg Peters, said in his speech. He indicated that Netflix intends to collaborate in the future with many more Japanese animation studios so that subscribers can benefit from more Japanese cartoons from the beginning of the year 2018. We hope all those contents available for Netflix users worldwide, since Netflix has some limitations depending on user location. But, luckily there are some working Netflix VPN apps you should use for get full access to contents including 4K.

And these series will be reach Netflix soon: The Knights of the Zodiac (new adaptation of Saint Seiya in 12 episodes), Rilakkuma, Kakegurui, Baki, Lost Song or Sword Gai to name but a few. The list is long and even plans to lengthen if the spin-offs are positive for Netflix. This may increase the debt more than the US giant but, it should be fun for fans.

In any case, a number of titles are planned and thus aim to reach the followers of content of the anime genre. In the first place the Japanese, who are more than 50% watching anime but, also the rest of the international market. Netflix hopes to “increase its views in Japan and globally, as it invests in quality content, ” Greg Peters said.

There is no doubt that this desire to develop more Japanese animated series will delight the fans. Netflix intends to satisfy everyone in the coming months, including gamers through the TV series The Witcher.