Home Technology Bid farewell to Fleet Management Troubles with This GPS Tracker

Bid farewell to Fleet Management Troubles with This GPS Tracker

Bid farewell to Fleet Management Troubles with This GPS Tracker

In this modern era, it is essential to take critical measures to secure your fleet. Like everyone, you would also want to enhance the productivity of your fleet, while increasing the security. There are many advanced technological solutions like a GPS tracker for car that can help you achieve the same. It will help you control your fleet, keep a track of the routes taken, and ensure on-time service delivery.

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Let’s take an in-depth look to comprehend the significance of a GPS tracker for car in a fleet management system:

  1.  Improved Fleet Operations

With a GPS tracker for car, companies can inform their customers about the expected time of arrival. The implementation of GPS tracking systems helps manycompanies in monitoring overall fleet operations for better customer service. The device also provides real-time location and keeps you informed.

  • No Unauthorized Usage of Vehicle

When you own a cab company, you cannot always keep a check on your drivers. There are times when they use the company vehicle for personal use or ferryextra passengers for more money. However, with the help of a GPS tracker for car, you can quickly identify the unauthorized and after-hours use of the fleet. You’ll be able to control these activities with the help of an advancedGPS tracker for car-like KENT-CamEye that comes with an in-built dashcam. It not only informs you about the real-time whereabouts of your fleet but with the dual camera technology you’ll also be able to see both the inside and outside of the vehicle. You can end unauthorized use of vehiclesby keeping a direct eye on the fleet drivers, which will also optimize fuel consumption.

  • Efficient Routing
GPS Tracker

With a GPS tracker for car installed, you will have recorded data from the trips taken in the past and saved on the cloud storage.A GPS tracker for a car hasa playback feature that helps you find the ideal route to avoid delays due to construction, traffic jams or accidents. Route optimization also helps reduce overhead fuel charges and maintenance of your fleet.

  • Automation of Data Keeping

An advanced GPS tracker for the car takes record keeping to a whole new level. All data comparative to the fleet operations is recorded and can be easily organized exactly the way you want it. It records all the audio and video and uploads it on a secure cloud server with the help of the 4G connectivity. You can also record time-lapse or HD video on the SD card and look at it anytime on your smartphone for trip analysis. This information is valuable in annual planning and case of an audit.

Your 360 Degree Security Solution

When looking for a GPS tracker for a car that will bring about all your needs but won’t cost you an arm or a leg, then KENT CamEye is the best bet. State-of-the-art video technology of this device helps in recording audio & video of both inside and outside of the vehicle. This feature of the dual cameras makes it one of the most reliable GPS trackers for a car. One of its highlights is the robust battery backup that allows 24 hours of operation even when your fleet is parked. The significant internal memory lets you capture and store data in case of no mobile connectivity. So, when it is restored, the device syncs the data automatically on the safe cloud server.

It is a GPS tracking device that uses intelligent technology to increase productivity and enhance the security of your fleet. You can order it directly from Amazon, India or Flipkart and get it delivered to your doorstep.