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How to Bypass Reliance JIO 1GB Speed Limit Easily Until 31st March

How to Bypass Reliance JIO 1GB Speed Limit Easily Until 31st March

The Reliance Jio telecom provider has created quite a revolution in the telecom industry from the very first launch day. Even though many people doubted the free 4G internet and free voice calls over VoLTE from Reliance Jio, those doubts were cleared very quickly and today, the Reliance Jio has gathered millions of active users within just a span of months and is growing into becoming the biggest telecom service provider in India.

Earlier, the Reliance Jio free internet and voice call introductory offer were to end by December 31, 2016, however, the telecom provider decided to extend its free service offerings under the updated Happy New Year offer until the 31st of March 2017. Early users who bought the Jio SIM card under the Introductory offer were automatically migrated to the new Happy New Year plan and Jio users who bought the SIM card towards the end of 2016 were registered to the Happy New Year offer.

The introductory offer provided until 31st of December 2016 gave users completely free 4G LTE data connectivity without any data or speed limits. This resulted in users misusing the offer from Reliance Jio and heavily using the free data services provided by Reliance Jio, thus ending up in a nation-wide network jam which did not do good to the company.

How to Bypass Reliance JIO 1GB Speed Limit Easily Until 31st March

Therefore with the Happy New Year offer, Reliance Jio decided to continue offering its free data services but with a small catch. Under the Happy New Year offer, you will be able to use 4G LTE data connectivity at higher speeds up to 1GB, and once the 1GB data cap is exhausted you still can continue using the data services for free, however, the speed will be limited to just 128Kbps.

If you are in search of ways to actually remove this restriction in using Reliance Jio data services, then you may find many “hacks” online claiming to bypass this restriction but none of the ways works.

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However, today we are here with a 100% working method that we have personally tried which will help you to bypass the 1GB data speed cap by Reliance Jio.

How to Bypass 1GB Data Speed Cap While Using Reliance Jio:

The trick to bypass the speed cap on both Android and iOS devices is based on actually fooling the Jio application that tracks your data usage to think that it’s a new day, once your speed limit has reached, so as to restore full data connectivity speeds. And below is how it works:

  • You need the MyJio client application installed on your Android or iOS device. Launch the MyJio application and then confirm that your data speed limit has been reached.bypass-reliance-jio-data-speed-limit


  • Now, go to the Time/Date Settings on your iOS or Android device and then turn OFF the “Automatic Time and Date” feature.how-to-bypass-reliance-jio-speed-limit
  • Now set the date to the next day from your current day, and also change the time to something between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM.bypass-reliance-jio-data-speed-limit
  • After the previous step is done, go back to the MyJio app and then refresh your data usage tab. Now the speed limit must have been renewed and you should be able to enjoy full data speeds again.

Hope you found this bypass trick working and helpful. As said above, among all the bypass techniques for Reliance Jio speed limit you can find online, this is the only working one. So do share this guide with your friends using the Reliance Jio services.


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