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Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop [Geek’s Guide]

Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop [Geek's Guide]

Time to find a new laptop? Buying a new laptop is one of the most confusing things to face. There are many kinds of laptops, and many laptop brands are selling the laptops with similar specifications.The laptops are the compact and portable computers which are highly movable. Unlike the Desktops, the laptops have limited life span, after which we have to replace or refurbish to make them usable. Now, that’s why purchasing the laptop is one of the difficult things for anyone.

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Buying a laptop is obviously not a rocket science, but it’s quite confusing because of a lot of factors. There is laptop price, weight, processor, RAM and many other things that can make anyone mad while shortlisting the laptops. But not Anymore. In this post, we are sharing some tips to consider, which will help you choosing the best laptop for your needs or Tips on Buying a new laptop.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop

Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop [Geek's Guide]

I hope you’ll follow these tips before buying a new laptop for yourself. There is laptop price, weight, processor, RAM and other things you need to consider it. Let’s check out our list of suggestions before buying a brand new laptops in 2017.


You cannot buy anything without money. Calculating your budget for a new laptop will help you to shortlist the best ones. There are different categories of the laptop, and each one has a unique purpose. Here are the categories of the laptops, according to which you can shortlist the best ones.

  1. The first one is Entry level Laptops. The laptops in Entry Level category are specially made for those who need the laptop for nothing but some light usage. The Entry-Level Laptops cost anywhere between 20K INR to 25-30K INR.
  2. The second one is the Budget Laptops. The Budget Laptops are very similar to the Entry-Level laptops in the price range, but they are superior in performance range. The Budget laptops come in the price range of 25K INR to 30K INR and have performance superiority than the Entry-Level Laptops.
  3. The Third category is the Gaming Laptops. The Gaming laptops are specialised in gaming. They are powered by the high-end processor, graphics card, and pretty powerful cooling system. They are high priced laptop starts from 60K+ INR to maximum [I don’t know about the most expensive gaming laptop 😛
  4. The last and the fourth category of laptops is the high-performance laptops. The high-performance laptops are actually for those who are willing to complete intensive work on the laptops. These laptops are a Desktop replacement. The good thing about these laptops is they are sturdy as the gaming laptops and lightweight too. The price range of high-performance laptops is anywhere between 70K+ INR to 400K INR [Microsoft  SurfaceBook 1TB SSD Storage version is priced at Rs.399,999/-.

So, these are the categories and price ranges of laptops. If you have a small budget, then you should check out the Entry Level and Budget laptops. If you have your budget fixed, then you should shortlist the best laptops from that price range and move to the next tip.



The Processor is the integral component of any computer or laptop. The Processor is known as the “Brain of the Computer.” That is why you should not ignore the Processors while choosing any laptop. There are many processors from two companies. The First one is the Intel, which is a highly popular company.

You’ll commonly find the Intel Pentium Processors in the Entry-Level laptops and Intel i3 in Budget laptops. These are general processors present in low priced laptops. The Intel i5 and Intel i7 processors are found in almost every high performance and gaming laptops.

Also, you’ll find many laptops with AMD processors. The AMD processors are not suitable for laptops, and they have the pretty bad record for laptop processors. So, please try to avoid them. It’s one of the important factors you need to consider while Buying a new laptop 2017.

One more thing, at the time of writing this article, we have AMD Ryzen Series Processors out in the market.  The Processors are not yet available for the laptops. But they’ll come in laptops pretty soon. So, if you find any good laptop with AMD Ryzen Series processors, then make sure you shortlist it.



The RAM is also the most important part of any computer system. The RAM is important memory component which stores the information for temporary processing. There are many categories of RAM. The DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4, etc., The DDR3 and DDR4 are the most common RAM types present in the laptops.

The DDR4 RAM is better than DDR3 RAM because of the frequency ranges of RAM. Also, which shortlisting the laptops by RAM, make sure you have sufficient RAM. The 4GB RAM is enough for the basic stuff like Office Works, Internet Browsing and super light gaming.

But, if you have some resource intensive tasks to do, then having 8GB or More RAM is the must. You need to consider these things while Buying a new laptop 2017.


The Graphics Department of the laptop is optional but still important. The Graphics processor in the computer’s processes the graphics in games and videos to make them smooth and look fabulous on your computer. Now, the laptops may have two types of Graphics.

The first one is the Integrated Graphics and second is the Dedicated Graphics.

  1. The Integrated Graphics is embedded in the CPU [Like AMD processors] or soldered onto the motherboard [Intel HD Graphics]. The Integrated graphics is not at all powerful for doing gaming and video intensive works. The integrated graphics uses the resources from CPU and RAM to show you the graphics on display.
  2. The Dedicated Graphics is a component which is attached to the PCI Express slot of the laptop motherboard. The Dedicated Graphics is much stronger than the Integrated graphics. It comes with the dedicated processor and onboard memory to process graphics on its own.

If you have super light graphics usage, then the Integrate graphics is sufficient. But, if you are looking for some casual gameplay or serious gaming, then the dedicated graphics is must have a component in the laptop.



The storage is one of the core components of computer system. Without the storage, you cannot make use of the computer. Now, most of the laptops come with decent storage space and upgradability. But, the type of Storage device they have is crucial to consider for better performance.

When choosing for the gaming or high-performance laptops, make sure you have Solid State Drive as the primary storage device and not the Hard Disk Drives. The SSD’s are much faster than the HDD’s. With the SSD, you can achieve faster boot time, read and write times than the HDD.

The HDD is more common in the Entry-Level and Budget laptops category. While choosing entry-level or budget friendly laptops, make sure you want more storage space in notebooks.

Operating System

Three major operating systems are commonly used in the Laptops. The Microsoft Windows, Linux [ Mostly Ubuntu Distribution] and MacOS. It is highly advised not to stick with any unknown operating system. If you have used the Windows operating system in Past, then you should stick with the Windows. If used MacOS or have the urge to buy a  Macbook, then you should stick with MacOS. If you are familiar with Linux system environment, then the Linux is better.

When it comes to the Operating systems, the laptops with Windows operating system are priced higher than the laptops which have Linux installed. The Linux is an open-source operating system which is free to use. And the Windows is paid operating system, which needs the license to run it on your computers. That’s why the Laptops with Windows Operating System are little expensive than Non-Windows ones.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop [Geek's Guide]

One more important tip which checking out for the operating system from my side. Please check if the laptop has a 32-Bit operating system or the 64-Bit operating system. The 32-Bit operating system can handle only 4GB of RAM. But, the 64-Bit Operating system can handle more than 4GB of RAM very easily, thus leaving you the room for RAM Upgrading.

If you are low on the budget, then you should choose the Linux-based laptops. You can borrow Windows OS Installation Disk from one of your friends or can buy genuine license keys from the Internet for much cheaper. Thus, helping you to save some bucks.


When you are looking for exceptional after-sales service, then you should shortlist the laptops considering any particular brand. There are many popular laptop brands in the market like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Much more. Choosing the top laptop brand with excellent after-sales service is highly recommended. You can check out some online forums about the Reviews of after-sales service of the brands.

Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop [Geek's Guide]

The reason behind choosing any specific brand is that you can get better warranty terms with a specific name than the other. If something goes wrong with your laptop, then the brand can cover everything in the warranty period.

List of Best Laptop 2017 [Our Suggestion]

Best Laptops in 2017Product Links

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook  Intel i5 | 4GB RAM | 128GB SSD


Dell Inspiron 3558 | Intel i5 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD


Lenovo Yoga 500 | Intel i7 | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD


Lenovo Yoga 900 | Intel i7 | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD


HP Spectre 13 | Intel i7 | 8GB RAM | 512 GB HDD/SSD


Acer Aspire V3 | Intel i5 | 8GB RAM \ 1TB HDD


Apple Macbook Pro 15 MJTH2HN | Intel i7 | 8/16GB RAM | 512 GB SSD


HP 15-ay013nr | Intel i5 | 8GB RAM \ 1Tb HDD


Asus R510JX-DM230T Intel i7 | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD


Razer Blade Stealth | Intel i7 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD


Best Affordable Gaming Laptop 2017 [Our Suggestion]

Best Gaming Laptops in 2017Product Links

Asus GL502


Alienware 15 R3




Razer Blade 2016


Razer Blade Pro 4K


MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro-230


Alienware AW17R4-7005SLV-PUS


Acer Predator 17




Acer Aspire VX 15 [$999 ONLY]


Video Guide: Quick Tips For Buying a New Laptop[/sociallocker]

Final Words

As I said earlier, buying the best laptop is a confusing task but not the rocket science. The tips I shared in this article are tried and tested by myself while purchasing a new laptop. I considered above-mentioned tips while choosing the best laptop for myself.

I hope you’ll follow these tips before buying a new laptop for yourself. If you have any doubts about these tips or have questions to ask, please drop a comment down below.