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How to Participate in Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program

How to Participate in Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program

After being started in the United States first, Huawei has finally planned to expand their Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program featuring Emotion UI or the EMUI 5.0 to India. So now, Indian Huawei Honor 6X users can also participate in the beta testing program to help Huawei find and fix bugs in their very own Nougat fork while enjoying Android 7.0 Nougat at the same time.

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In this guide, we will explain more about the Huawei’s EMUI 5.0 beta program and show you how to participate inHuawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program. The new EMUI 5.0 is said to offer a whole new user interface with simplistic design, faster overall performance and features like App twin which enables you to run two apps simultaneously.

So if you are a Huawei Honor 6X owner and if you want to experience all that and more of what Android Nougat has in store to offer, just jump ahead and follow the steps to get into the beta program.

Things to note:

  • The beta program is meant for Indian variant of Huawei Honor 6X only (BLL- L22).
  • You can only participate if your Honor 6X has to run any of these software versions: BLL – L22C675B150/BLL- L22C675B132/BLL- L22C675B131.
  • As the beta program is meant for checking the stability of OS, you may experience app crashes, battery drains and other bugs which you have to help Huawei fix. So you have to keep all that in mind before signing up.
  • Make sure you take a backup of your files if you already have them in your Huawei Honor 6X
  • The window for registration is short: From 7th of March to 21st of March.
  • Huawei only takes in the first 50 members for the first batch of the beta program. So be sure to hurry now.

Steps to Participate in Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program

Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program


  • Follow this link to the form.
  • Read the agreement and select agree once you are sure that you are ok with the terms.
  • On the next page, enter the details like your Name, Email address, IMEI number of your Honor 6X (Dial *#06# to find yours out), etc.
  • Enter IMEI2 number if your device has one.
  • To find out your build number, head to settings of your device and go to About Phone. You will find one build number matching the one that they have provided in the drop-down box. Select the right one and continue.
  • Give yourself a nickname for being identified in the community.
  • After that, add your Facebook profile URL to let Huawei reach you. You may or may not provide your mobile number.
  • After filling everything out, click submit.

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Now all you have to do is wait for the beta system update for you to get ready and arrive. If yours is ready, you will receive a notification and an OTA update prompt. Perform that OTA update to enjoy Huawei Honor 6X EMUI 5.0 (Nougat-based) Beta Program.

If you have not got any notification, you can check manually for an update in device’s System Update settings. We hope this was helpful. Stay tuned for more updates!