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How To Create and Verify Payza Account in Pakistan / India

Using your Payza Debit Card and Payza Account send money online pay and get paid all around the world also in Pakistan and India. Payza is the best alternative to Paypal, especially for those countries where PayPal was not supported. In this article, I’m show you how to create and verify Payza Account with pictures and video. So you’ll be able to transfer money, receiving money from all around the world to your Payza debit card or credit card or directly to your bank account .

In my previous post , I”m share an article of how to get free Payoneer Card and get 25$ Dollar bonus into your account .Payza provide you two type of accounts ,first one is Personal Payza account and the second one is the Business Account. But mostly you can create Personal account. But when you need you can also transfer your personal account into business account free of charge easily.

image of verified payza account in pakistan and india

Payza is the most convenient and better way to send money online and receive money online or even transfer instantly. Easily withdraw your funds to your local bank accounts or credit cards. Payza supports more than 190+ countries all across the world and more than 20+ currencies supported.

Payza provide you many features like shop online or send money online using your credit card, bank accounts, or also Payza e-wallet. When you send or receive money online using Payza all your transactions are free of charge. Payza provides you the full proof security and keep your personal information secure. You’ll use Payza with full confidence. Payza provide you the full customer support to help when you need.

Get Free Verified Payza Account in Pakistan / India ( 8 Steps )

Step 1 – First of all go to Payza Official Website.

image of payza account official website toget free payza account
Step 2 –  After that you can see two buttons “LOG IN” and “SIGN UP” , choose simply Sign Up button and go to the application form. 
image of verified payza account in pakistan and india easily and freely
Step 3 – After Sign Up, you will see this form, from here, Select your country, and then any type of account but I recommend you to choose Personal Account and a pop up form will appear.
image of creating free personal payza accoutn in pakistan and india
Step 4 – Here you fill this simple form, simply write your first name, last name, your verified email address ( Gmail , Yahoo, Hotmail ) use any email and select your password and click on Get Started.
image of form filling of create verified payza account in pakistan and india
Step 5 – After that they send you a validation email simply go to your email account and click on verification email link and you can also click on Take Me Home button to go to your dashboard.
image of getting free payza account in pakistan and india

Step 6 – This type of email you’ll receive simply click on “Validate My Email” and you’ll redirect to your account dashboard. 
image of validate email address to create verify payza account in pakistan and india
Step 7 – So your Payza account will be created successfully. Now we verified it .
image of payza dashboard to get verified payza account in pakistan and india
Step 8 – You can use Payza Account without any hesitation or without verification easily but if you want to verify your Payza Account, then first you must deposit or withdraw 500$. You can verify your Payza Account using four different methods which I”m share below. 

How To Verify Payza Account in Pakistan / India

#1 – Payoneer Master Card

Payoneer no doubt the world No.1 master card account which you can use freely. Create free Payoneer account and get 25$ free into your account instantly. You can verify your Payza account using Payoneer Debit Card easily .

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#2 – Credit Card 

Almost every one has a credit card who worked online. You can verify your Payza account using your local bank account credit card or visa debit card. Simply enter your card information into your account and wait for some transactions. When you receive money simply enter this into your account which is likely be 1.72 or 1.29 something like that. 

#3 – Wire Transfer 

The third most used method in Pakistan is the wire transfer. If you’ve not any kind of visa master card or debit card then don’t worry, simply verify your Payza account using your local bank account information. But for this purpose, first your withdraw some money to your bank account , then your Payza Account automatically verified. 

#4 – Payza Debit Card

If you’ve not any of the above methods then you can also verify your account using Payza Visa Debit Card. They introduce recently which is very awesome way to verify your account and also withdraw your money via local ATM machines. Simply order your Payza debit card which is mostly 20$ fee once time and you will get your Payza Card to your home address. 

So these are the four most important and the best methods to verify your Payza Account . Hope you like this post, and if you understand it is informative then share with your friends . If you’ve any question into your mind feel free to comment below , I’m reply you as soon as possible. Thanks ! ! !