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What Is The Difference Between Blogging and Journalism?

Blogging and Journalism sometimes there’s no difference between them, but sometimes there’s a many unique and significant differences between them. In this article, I’m share a complete guide about Blogging Vs Journalism. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to distinguish between blogger and journalist.


What Is The Difference Between Blogging and Journalism?

Many times, I often have to switch my brain about the journalism to blogging and blogging to journalism. As both are called “Content Marketing” techniques in which we create useful contents for readers. There are fundamental difference between both of them. Here I’m discussed about the some main difference between them.

The debate on the Blogging Vs Journalism topic is primarily is an old-fashioned and simply promoted traditionalists who regard bloggers are writes articles from unreliable, non-authoritative source of information , but journalists always writes article on reliable and authoritative sources.

Keep in mind that, the reality is not so black and while. Bloggers always covers some information which helps readers to solve their problems. But many bloggers also writes blogs on daily basis like news articles etc. But journalists always covers the news on daily basis, they can writes articles on every new idea and news to inform their readers what happened in the world.

Bloggers also have a much knowledge and they’re passionate about that topic in which they blog. Bloggers also may be the expert to their subject with deep knowledge and professional training, full of experience about that topic which is more than journalist.

Journalists may also be the full of experienced and qualified degree in journalism with full of knowledge. They also have professional training and experience, but are more likely to come using their knowledge of a topic over the time.

The very big and the key difference between the journalists and bloggers is the writing process. Journalists tend to gather information and facts and opinion from the expert sources all around their field over the globe. While bloggers tend to offer their opinion and some analysis that are very useful for readers and they also share and links some others stories which are reported by mainstream media.Bloggers also completely know about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because it is a very important term in blogging but journalist doesn’t need to know about it.

The journalism process could be requires a lot of finding facts and then determining the veracity about that facts by verifying it using different sources. Blogging has no requires any of them.

In blogging, I’m share a my latest blog posts with very weak title and loose language where questions are still be right there in the first paragraph or first line . But it would not be in journalism process. A journalism story always started with the professional title and it’s first paragraph will covers the answers of ” 5Ws ” ( Who, What, Where, When , Why ) .

If you’re a journalists, then you always writes articles with specific word counts and also writes according to the some rules and regulations. Blogging is an open-ended process , so in this process, you’re able to write articles according to your needs which covers the topic of your blog posts for your readers.

When you write any type of contents whether as a blogger or as a journalist, it is very essential for you to keep the audience in mind. In audience targeting, bloggers and journalists both have different end goals. When you write article on news basis, readers are broadly read it on that time, because news is hold only for specific time , but if you write articles on your blogs, the audience will be differ. Because your readers reads your article of the time of publication and later too.

Timing in both journalism and blogging is a essential thing for being a successful in any field. As a journalists , you can write article on time, because if only one second you late, you will not be ranked and your readers will be gone away to other place. Because every single day millions of articles are published on daily basis both in blogging and journalism.


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As a blogger, you can also covers the latest trends quickly if you want to rank in the search engine for better online visibility. Your competitors always tried to get you back and get ranked in the eyes of search engine and getting more readers. So timing is a very critical component of any successful field.

In journalism , every day or even every hour many new stories are comes on which you writes an articles and share with your readers. Whether you covers a national news or international news. But if you’re a blogger, the new ideas are comes but you can also get many idea from different sources on the WEB. So as the topic ideas point of view, blogging will be great thing. See the infographic of difference between blogger and journalist which is courtesy by EssayTigers.

Difference Between Blogger Vs Journalist infographic

Blogger vs Journalist Infographic

Final Words For You ! ! !

When you write your new blog posts or creating any new articles next time , be sure and ask your self “Whether does this sound like a journalism or blogging?”. But the difference between both of two does not have any black and white things. But there are many other fundamentals differences between blogging and journalism’s that are necessary for you to built your authority under both of them.