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Different Ways to use a dead Smartphone


 If you are like me you should probably have few smartphones in the drawer covered with dust.But if the smartphone appears dead,don’t give up on it.A smartphone is declared dead when it’s processor is malfunctioning or some internal parts fail to perform.Another case when the smartphone is assumed to be dead is when we get a new phone and the old one is kept idle.Instead of doing the most certain thing that is to sell it off,we can better put it to use in different ways.A smartphone has a lot of features that can be used in other ways which is beyond our imagination.Following are some creative ways to use a dead smartphone.


The screen of a smartphones can of great use.If the phone is like 10 years old,we can’t assume the smartphone to be of no use .The screen can be used really well,f we are interested in Embedded system.If we are creative,then we can use the screen for learning Embedded system.With that screen we can connect any processor as it is a LCD and if we know micro controlled programming then it makes way more easier to develop and play new games on it.The screen can be also used for security purpose like  for showing the password in a door lock system.Basically a screen is a LCD that has a lot of productive uses.


The battery is an integral part of a smartphone.It has a lot of effective uses.It can be used for charging many things. The battery is extremely helpful in times of sheer need.And having good knowledge about electronics and batteries and chemicals makes it easier to use a battery in different areas.


Instead of throwing away to phone to collect dust or selling it way we should know the camera is of great usage.It can be turned into a baby monitor or a dedicated video camera.But one the best ways, is to use it as a wireless security camera.As long as the phone turns on and the rear camera is operational,it’s set for usage.There’s one great option to set up camera as security camera is ALFRED.It’s a cross-platform,so it doesn’t really matter if the phone is android or iPhone.


As the name says,sensors is used for sensing.There are proximity sensors present in the smartphone which are used to blank the screen when any contact is made during the cells.Now a days smartphones are coming up with Air Swapping sensors and also fingerprint scanners,light sensor as well.It can be further used  by taking out the fingerprint scanner and using it in door lock system.The sensor are always worth their values.


One being an electronics student knows the worth of a processor.It is of great help if we can program it again.Also knowing embedded programming helps a lot as smartphones ae using ARM’S Cortex processor.


The speakers and recorders can be used again if only we have  a MP3 players or radios.The buttons are just used for pushing ,so can easily replace the non-working buttons with the working ones of other gadgets.


Another one less  sexy use of a smartphone is to throw it in the glove compartment of your car in case of an emergency.Even if we aren’t paying for wireless service for old phones,it can be used to make 911 calls.So in case your smartphone is missing,keep one phone handy and that can act as a lifesaver.But there are certain things before using this.We should be able to get a cell signal for your phone to make calls.


These are one of the most important parts of a smartphone.But unfortunately these parts cannot be used as the smartphone company uses ASIC technology which includes internal circuitry and parts combined with it.

Now a days technology has reached to it’s peak.Even an old dead and less attractive smartphone can be used it different ways.So before throwing it way,give it a thought.