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“We don’t talk Anymore”-Texting Changes the way of our Communication


There are two kinds of people we meet in real life – introverts and extroverts. Their description is fairly minimal, just that introverts are shy and extroverts are just the opposite. Introverts have a hard time opening up and find solace in social media and texting a person which doesn’t involve face-to-face interactions.

Where, it is very helpful for many but it is also harming many relations. The tone can’t be understood in a text. There is miscommunication and not to speak about the various on going crimes known as cyber crime. Communication is more than just words. Meeting in person helps you detect body language, feelings, tone, and reactions, which can often be misinterpreted via texts.


We can only see the words in texts but the emotions.Texts are always delivered but what not is delivered is our feelings and emotions. Those emotions include our body postures,our facial expressions,our tone and our eye contact.

Hundred people can say the exact thing.But we feel differently when each person says that to us.This is because of their deliveries.When talk in-person we learn about their personality,their nature and their way of expressing things.But through text or messages all these remain uncovered.


Texting encourages single-sentence instant and spontaneous thoughts but this way of communication isn’t conducive to face to face communication.People who text a lot and not that comfortable in-person communication.Calling through phones are more convenient than going and talking to people.Parents have often complained about their children busy texting during dinner or any family gatherings.The reality is these people are not rude but they are uncomfortable with slow-paced,in-person communication.


Texting increases small talks and is a great asset to people who look for new friends.This makes communication much more easier and comfortable.And as we all know the today generation accepts what’s easy and satisfying for them.But they don’t realize that these are not much meaningful conversations than what we have in-person.This is what we call as surface-level communication.


People often use short forms and incorrect grammars while texting,just to make their message quicker and effective.But this way of communication is technically wrong.This highly affects the way we think.The people who are used to this have poor writing skills than other who regularly communicate using grammatically correct sentence in-person or over the phone.This is how people can loose their tone and style depending upon who they talk to.Many employers have complained that entry-level hires have no idea how to send a business or formal email or communicate properly with the senior employees.


Texting is an odd situation where people are compelled to reply back via text or email,but they aren’t really feeling to participate in that conversation deeply.The instant gratification can lead to impatience and even aggression.

But when people are talking face to face, one can immediately understand that the opposite person is not in a  mood to talk and can just put a full stop to their conversation.


In the good old days,dating was defined by a series of face to face encounters.People met,they spent time together,they enjoyed each others company.got to know each others family and friends and then evaluated the quality of their relationship in-person.Sure,they talked over phone and sent occasional letters but the core of their relationship was genuinely based on face to face interactions.

A subtle shift to be occurring in today’s dating world and it badly wants our attention..Technology has grown to such an extend,that it has taken control of the dating world.Now a days what’s in trend is “online dating.”In online dating all emotions and feelings are expressed through texts,which can be either true or fake.

But the actual question is, is this type of dating really healthy for our relationships?ABSOLUTELY NO.

Face-to-face communication boosts confidence, creativity and also helps you grammatically. When we text we always tend to write in short forms because of the time crunch or finger crunch. So when we are in the non-digital world, the world of pen and paper, we tend to become grammatically wrong. Texting encourages rapid-fire, single-sentence thoughts, but this style of communication isn’t conducive to face-to-face communication. It can also be a major source of frustration and dissatisfaction within long-term, serious relationships. Internet is a very powerful thing. And our history is proof that power has destroyed man from time to time. We have seen people kill each other for power. So how are we not sure that this power won’t destroy us?