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Digitalization: a Dementor’s kiss on People’s Livelihood


A coin has two sides, a head and a tail. We all are currently residing in the head part which consists of the comforts and luxuries of technology and machines, which require no manual labour at all. But what about the other side? The dark side, the tail. Do we really know what these automated machines are doing to the regular jobs of millions of people? Technology and human life cannot be separated, society has a cyclical co-dependence on technology. We use technology, depend on technology and our needs and demands keep on rising. Many of us don’t really know about the sackings and what it is doing to the sweat of one’s brow.


We have all watched the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We see, Charlie’s father working in a toothpaste factory and we also see how his father gets replaced by a machine and as he is the earning head of the family it leads the family to go through some financial crisis. This might be just a fictional film but it depicts real life. There are many cases of such family oriented people who have lost their day to day jobs to machines. Internal communication in 2016 and beyond is about embracing the shift in the workforce, behaviors and putting the power to communicate in everyone’s hand. The availability of real time, rich multimedia communication on any device, anywhere in the world, is having a huge influence on the way companies communicate with their employees and how employees engage with one another. In the recent years, the employees of Ananda-Bazar have faced similar problems. Applications such as Flipboard, Daily Hunt, The Hindu, NewsDog and as such has taken over our daily morning newspaper, enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.


Recent advances in the information technology have changed the competition environment in many markets. Ride-sharing economy has caught great attention. Give customers an easy alternative via the market such mobilisation becomes much more feasible. The economic impact of Uber on taxi drivers’ business performance has been illustrated in a case study in Taiwan. The results indicated that Uber reduced regular taxi drivers’ service revenue by 12% approx. in the initial year. Technology has advanced to such a great extent that transport is just one call away. In India, to meet this competition level taxi’s are raising their fares for people who don’t avail this technology. In terms of time spent in the car with the passenger, it has increased with Uber, as its platform allows for better matching between drivers and customers. But for traditional taxi drivers the effect has been the opposite, with the decline with the amount of time they have a passenger in their vehicle. All this leads to more earning of the Uber drivers than those in local taxi. This is largely due to the fact that the Uber software allows the white men to better optimise their time and services than the yellow men.


Over the last decade, the classroom has become increasingly digital. No longer are teachers and students sticking to the traditional “pen and paper” learning methods. Some schools have even gone as far as to purchase tablets and laptops for their students to use in class. By spreading the use of World Wide Web, internet and intranet, integrating technology that support the education became an evident subject in the 90’s so today you can grab any information anywhere in the world. By using different techs, students can decide about their careers. In digital environment, students can gain knowledge and share ideas online. The information and communication systems, whether wired or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process. Technology has taken over our generation. Places of learning used to be places where we made friends but now online courses have taken over amigos.


Internet marketing has emerged as one of the most innovative mediums for organizations to promote their products and services. The global internet marketing industry is worth several billion dollars and is expanding at a rapid pace. What will this generation know about the fun of window shopping with your friends with a cold drink in hand as opposed to swiping from window to window in your phone with the air conditioning on. The biggest disadvantage if internet marketing is its fraudulent activities. There are a lot of illegitimate websites out there which look similar to original websites and rob the customers of their money. Internet marketing lacks the human touch that is involved when the customer buys products from a salesperson. This damages the prospects of relationship building which plays an important part in repeat sales and word of mouth-publicity. Internet marketings depend heavily on technology. With 80% of adults in the world having at least one social media profile, the exposure advantages of online marketing maybe self evident. Starting from flipkart to Amazon to Big Basket and back to Amazon we see how online shopping is done with just a few swipes and clicks.  Why go to the market when you get all your clothes and vegetables online, right ? But can you guarantee their quality? Can you trust enough to not to be fooled?

In recent decades, workplaces have undergone numerous changes.  These changes are due to the introduction of new technologies to the workplace. We spoon-feed ourselves with luxuries,not really caring about the adverse effect it has on people.Man is it’sown disaster.Technology might have it;s numerous advantages but the disadvantages weighs it down.It cannot teach you the value of spending time with friends and  family or how to fulfil your bucket list.When you’re in your old people clothes you aren’t going to look back to the days you spend online for hours, you will cherish the memories made in flesh. In the end, a machine is bound to breakdown and who will be called to fixed it? A layman is. No matter how much you replace manual labour with technology,skins and bones defeat wires and ic chips.