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How to Install Dual Boot ROMs on Android Smartphones


You may have heard of the term dual boot in computers. We can install two operating systems or even more when needed in our laptops and PCs. When it comes to your smartphone, don’t you want to try it too? If you want to have different ROMs installed at the same time on your phone, then read on to find how to install dual boot ROMs on Android phone.

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So how to Dual boot your device with MultiROM? Is that MultiROM is helpful on this case? You’ll get all answers below along with the guide to Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Your Android Smartphones.

Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Your Android Phone

How to Install Dual Boot ROMs on Any Android Phone

Dual boot does sound exciting and if you are hearing about this for the first time, then its no problem. PC enthusiasts used to run multiple OSes on their computers to gain the features from all those OSes in a single system. They can switch from one to another just by rebooting their PC. They mostly used a program named GRUB for this. And for Android, we will be using an app called MultiROM which is easily available in Play Store.

What is MultiROM?

MultiROM is the ROM manager that will let you install multiple ROMs on your phone. It is available on Play Store itself. It is developed by Vojtech Bocek and it currently supports Nexus Devices, OnePlus One, Sony Xperia and other devices. A peculiar thing about this software is it can boot ROM from your device’s memory and even from a USB OTG memory.


  • A rooted device that supports Multi ROMs.
  • Multi ROM supported ROM.
  • Perform a backup of your device before proceeding.
  • Try on your OWN RISk!


You have to download an app called, MultiROM from Google Playstore and install it on your device.

MultiROM Manager
MultiROM Manager
Developer: Vojtech Bocek
Price: Free

Steps to Install Dual Boot ROMs on Android

  • Download the MultiROM app from the Play Store directly onto your phone. We have also provided the link here.

  • Launch the app and grant it root access when prompted.
  • There will be options like MultiRom, Kernel and Recovery. Select all of them. For the kernel, select a kernel of your choice or select the one your device is running.
  • After all that, just press the Install button below. The downloading process will start now. You have to be patient.
  • After the process, it will ask you to reboot. If you reboot, you will be brought to a screen where it says 5 seconds until boot.

  • Click anywhere and go to Misc. Here you will see Reboot to recovery. Press it.
  • Here is where you add the second custom ROM to your device. This is a MultiROM customised recovery mode.
  • You will see “MultiROM” option there, press it.
  • Click Add ROM and select the ROM from the internal memory. Select ROM type as Android.
  • Do not wipe the phone data now like you do when installing regular custom ROMs.

  • After selecting the ROM, swipe down and press install.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete. After successful installation, the phone will reboot and ask you to select your preferred ROM.

Steps to Remove MultiROM Manager App

  • If you want to remove the second ROM later, you can do it by flashing a file. Just download the MultiROM uninstaller apk from here.
  • Reboot and go to Misc instead of selecting any of the two ROMs. Press Reboot to recovery.
  • Press Install button here and select the downloaded zip file.
  • If you flash this, MultiROM will get uninstalled from your phone.

That’s it from us. Hope you found this trick useful. If you have any questions, comment them below. Share this with your friends if you’ve liked the Dual Boot ROMs on Android phone trick.

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