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E-Clips: Triple Dual SIM Adapter Case for iPhone & Android Smartphones

E-Clips: Triple Dual SIM adapter for iPhone and Android Smartphones

Using iPhone and not able to dual SIM feature? Here we got E-Clips which makes your smartphone compatible with triple SIMs. If you are carrying more than one smartphone to answer or make a call from one number, you may need this new Triple SIM adapter. E-Clips was created by a team based in Switzerland company called ‘Simore’ to solve network problems among users.

The E-Clips Triple SIM adapter has been listed in Kickstarter to raise funds to into mass production. As mentioned above, the E-Sims Adapter will support both iPhone and Android Smartphones and even its converts your iPad or iPod into smartphone just by adding the E-Sims Case to your device.

E-Clips: Triple Dual SIM adapter for iPhone and Android Smartphones

E-Clips goes further into dual sim technology by allowing you to have 3 SIM cards simultaneously on one mobile to make your calls, SMS and surf the internet. With its simple and intuitive interface, the 3SIMore app allows you to easily select the right SIM card before a call, sending SMS or surfing on the internet.

You can access easily your contacts and messages, view your network’s information, provider’s name and signal strength, and see the battery level and the Wi-Fi status. The E-Clips has been specially designed to be clipped on any phone with the innovative case. 

What is E-Clips?

– E-Clips is the first Triple SIM adapter that lets you use your smartphone with up to three SIM cards at the same time.
– You can use each SIM card for calls, data and text messages.
– You will be able to have up to three numbers active on your phone at all times and use the data plan from the SIM card via the WIFI Hotspot.
– Your iPhone or Android phone becomes a Triple SIM smartphone.
– With its stylish and functional design, E-Clips is easy to carry and always stays with you.
– This innovative adapter has been specially designed to be used alone, as a compact box that fits into your pocket or your bag, or clipped on your phone with its case.

How does it work?

– Download the 3SIMore App from the App Store or on Google Play.
– Install it on your phone.
– Insert your 2 extra SIMs into E-Clips.
– Connect E-Clips to your smartphone.
– Enjoy the Triple SIM phone function.

Features :

– 2 or 3 SIM cards active simultaneously on your phone.
– Have high speed internet access with you everywhere.
– Cloud option: to be informed of calls and SMS even if E-Clips is disconnected.
– Wi-Fi Hotspot to share internet Data access with up to 8 users.
Anti loss function with geo location of the E-Clips last position on map.
– Bluetooth multipoint access to use other Bluetooth devices (hands-free headset, car kit…).
– Call forwarding feature to redirect your incoming calls.
– VoIP function to call abroad from your phone via a VoIP provider.
– E-Clips App supports “Siri” voice control.
– Micro SD card extension for external storage capacity
– Clippable on different phone’s cases.
– Super long lasting battery

Check out the video added below and learn about How E-Sims Design, Performance and more about the Triple SIM adapter case. Also to pre-order the E-Clips SIM Adapater case from Kickstarter.