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How to Enable Dual SIM Feature on Moto Z Play?


A Dual SIM smartphone with the feature locked in factory settings. This is not new for Motorola. It was the same case for Moto X Play and now the Moto Z play. Yes, the Moto Z Play has the capability to support two SIM cards. So, if you own a Moto Z play and want to enable the dual SIM capability of the same, just keep reading. This guide will show you how to Enable Dual SIM Feature on Moto Z Play which is a single SIM card holder device.

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Most of the people still surf for the best guide to fix this solution. So we thought coming up with a guide post on Dual SIM feature on Moto Z Play device. The method works for everyone all you need is just to do some tweak in TWRP recovery mode and add some commands on it.

Dual SIM feature on Moto Z Play

How to Enable Dual SIM Feature on Singe SIM Moto Z Play

So how to use Dual SIM Cards on Moto Z Play device? This method here is devised by an XDA developer named -=MoRpH=-. It is tested on European Moto Z Play single SIM smartphones and said to function properly. Read the notes and instructions below carefully.


  1. There some bugs in the dialer.
  2. Second SIM Card/Modem has IMEI 0 only.It works in German networks without a problem.
    3. You can lose your SIM 1/modem IMEI if you do something wrong.
    4. Your battery may drain more.


  • Your Moto Z Play must be rooted in order to do this.
  • TWRP Recovery must be installed.
  • This method is only for Single SIM Moto Z Play smartphones.


Rooting will void your warranty. Keep in mind that there is a certain amount of risk involved while following this guide. We are not responsible for any damage that might happen to your device in this process. This guide is written carefully detailing all necessary steps and by following it you agree that you understand these risks. If you are clear with all that, let us begin and get into the procedure now.

How to Enable Dual SIM feature on Singe SIM Moto Z Play

  • Turn off and boot into TWRP recovery mode. Open the terminal and enter the code below:
setprop persist.radio.multisim.config dsds
  • Now, normally boot into your phone and go to settings.
  • Check whether you have the dual SIM settings in there.
  • Go to settings and look for the baseband that you are currently using. This step is important.

Enable Dual SIM feature on Singe SIM Moto Z Play

  • Then, you have to open the RootExplorer app (Download from Play Store if you don’t have it).
  • Navigate to FSG folder where you will find a few img.gz files. You have to find the baseband your phone normally uses.
  • Find it and delete it. For EU devices it was addisson_2.img.gz and addisson_row.img.gz.
  • Now, just rename the files with dsds in their names. Rename them from addisson_dsds_2.img.gz to addisson_2.img.gz and addison_dsds_row.img to addison_row.img.gz.
  • The files above are examples of EU devices. For your phone, rename the file names that you have found earlier.
  • Reboot to the bootloader and enter the code below:
fastboot erase modemst1
fastboot erase modemst2 
fastboot erase cache 
fastboot reboot
  • That’s it. Now both the SIM cards can be used on your phone.

That is all from us this time. We hope that this guide has helped you to successfully Enable Dual SIM feature on Moto Z Play. If you liked it, share this with your friends and drop a comment below.

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