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How to Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera Using Camera Mod

How to Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera Using Camera Mod

Huawei Honor 8 device was launched last year with new features including the dual-camera at the rear. But the 12 MP dual-sensor rear facing camera doesn’t work as expected. The Huawei Honor 8 camera quality is good but still need lots of improvements. You can improve the quality of Honor 8 Camera using Camera Mods. So How to Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera or How to Improve Honor 8 Camera Quality?

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Yeah, today I’m going to share a camera mod to enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera.If you want better quality images out of this phone, then you should give a try to the camera mod available for Huawei Honor 8 device. The camera mod shared here works perfectly on Honor 8 FRD-L04 model and I hope it will work on all Huawei Honor 8 variants.

Enhanced Camera Mod for the Honor 8

How to Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera Using Camera Mod

All we gonna do is just to tweak some inbuilt settings to get the best performance out of our camera. By doing, the dual sensor works better than before. Of course, you need rooted Honor 8 device to try the camera mod.

Thanks to the XDA member for sharing the mod for all Huawei Honor 8 users. He also claims, using the camera mod will bring the dual sensor without any compromising the complex nature.

What Will Happen if I use Camera Mod?

You will get quality images than before and image sizes will be larger too! The size of the average image will be around 6 to 8megs and it will be over 12 to 16megs using DOF Focus mode. Of course, the videos will also have larger file sizes than before as the bitrate has to increase using this mod.

Features Of Camera Mod

  • Jpeg Compression Quality set to 100%
  • Larger Image Buffer
  • Higher Bitrate 1080p Video Recording (28mbps)
  • Better Chroma Conversion between B&W & Colour Sensor
  • Higher rate of B&W Sensor Detail mixed with blend matrix
  • Larger colour information flow from colour sensor in blend matrix
  • Better overall handling of ISO exposure settings
  • Better low light performance
  • Less noise in low ISO
  • More aggressive handling of high ISO aliasing
  • Extra frame of bracketing for HDR modes


Try it at your OWN RISK! TechOra takes no responsibility if anything happens to your device while trying the guide. If you are facing any issues, we are ready to help you!


  • Need a device with Root Access.
  • Required TWRP Recovery tool or other Custom Recovery.
  • Take a Backup of your data.

Download Camera Mod for Huawei Honor 8 by Jordon F (JF-Gino)

JordonF-Camera-Enhancements V1.zip – Link

How to Improve/Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera?

  • Download the required files from above.
  • Move the JordonF-Camear-Enchancements V1.Zip to your internal storage.
  • Turn off your device and enter the TWRP Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up + Power button until you see the Huawei Boot Logo appears.
  • Create an Android Backup for your device by selecting “Backup” option in the TWRP tool.
  • Now select “Install” and choose the camera mod which we downloaded earlier.
  • After selecting the respective zip file, just “Swipe” to start the flashing process.
  • Once the flashing process was done, just Reboot your device.
  • That’s it! You’re done!

Isn’t simple to install Camera Mod on Huawei Honor 8? Now you have Enhance Huawei Honor 8 Camera. That means you can enjoy your device camera with new and improved camera features. Do share your experience with us in comments below! We love to hear it from you guys!

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