Home Technology Five Challenges the Cloud Presents & How to Solve Them

Five Challenges the Cloud Presents & How to Solve Them

the Cloud Five Challenges the Cloud Presents & How to Solve Them

The cloud represents a small revolution in computing across a longer revolution that is bringing more and more information technology into the workplace, and into our personal spheres, too. The cloud enables computing from a distance, like remote work, collaborative work, and easy access to key business documents — anytime and anywhere. But it does also come with its downsides; this article goes into some detail about those negative aspects of cloud computing  and how to solve them to properly utilize it within your own business sphere.


The cloud is only a strong asset if all the individuals in your business are able to access it. As such, you need to ensure that your new cloud-based system is universal and accessible to all of your staff before you can confidently state that it’s going to be helpful for your company’s long-term success.

Education and Training Five Challenges the Cloud Presents & How to Solve Them

Education and Training

Even with staff able to access the cloud, many of them simply don’t understand what this means for business. With such an excellent resource at your disposal, it’s important that your staff are all able to use it effectively in order to justify the investment you’ve made into a business account on the cloud. This often means training your staff and ensuring they’re educated in the cloud computing functions that will help them work better and more effectively, into the future.


The cloud operates differently from local networks upon which businesses were preciously hosted. In the recent past, security systems had to screen internet resources before they were downloaded onto a local system, but with all of your business now uploaded to the cloud — based in the Internet — this structure changes. Thankfully, this complexity is made blissfully simple by security systems like McAfee at mcafee.com, which have adapted old security principles perfectly for the Internet and cloud computing age.

Organization Five Challenges the Cloud Presents & How to Solve Them


One of the problems with cloud computing is that it’s organized in the infinite space of the cloud. Rather than storing files on a local disk within your business, the form of organization required by the cloud can feel a lot more involved if you’re unaware of how you can structure your files and your systems effectively. There is a remarkably simple solution to this issue though: simply use a software that’s based on the cloud to help you organize all of your files in an easy, intuitive manner for all of your staff to access.

Data Protection

When you’re working with customer data as part of your company which is hosted on the cloud, issues quickly arise regarding your ability to protect that data from hackers and other cyber-threats. While you have the security to help you protect your devices, you still need to make sure employees sign NDAs, and know that they shouldn’t leave their computers unattended while signed into the cloud. In this way, you’ll ensure customer data is protected as robustly as your own business files.

The cloud has emerged with its own sets of challenges, but as a far superior system of IT organization, it’s worth reading through the tips in this article to be certain you’re using the cloud to the utmost of its abilities in your company.