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5 Reasons Why You Should Think More about Cybersecurity

5 Reasons Why You Should Think More about Cybersecurity

Whether you run an online company (eCommerce site, digital media company, social media influencer) or you’re just using the Internet for research and communication, the threat of a cyberattack is just as real.

But cybersecurity is not just about companies and entrepreneurs. Everyone who lives in the modern world should consider learning a bit more about being safe online.

You may think we’re overdoing it a bit. After all, why would a regular Internet user need to know about modern hacking techniques, ransomware, or advanced computer security (besides the need to install an antivirus)?

Well, we listed the top five reasons why both individuals and businesses should be more aware of what’s happening online:

Cyberattacks targeting SMB 5 Reasons Why You Should Think More about Cybersecurity

#1: Cyberattacks targeting SMBs are More Common

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are at the mercy of anyone who wants to mess with them because only a few of them have solid IT security protocols in place. In fact, many still use free services (such as Gmail or website builders and free hosting) that only come with basic security settings.

Sadly, SMBs are not the only ones that proved a complete lack of knowledge in terms of cybersecurity. The 2019 slew of cyberattacks showed that even large governmental organizations are extremely vulnerable. 

Now, with every data breach, a company risks losing customers, getting a tarnished reputation, losing uptime, and revealing confidential data. Is this a cost you are prepared to pay?

Weak Link 5 Reasons Why You Should Think More about Cybersecurity

#2: The Human Factor is the Weak Link

Every new cyberattack shows us that the human factor is the weakest link when it comes to IT security. Whether there is a naive employee who opens an infected email attachment or a careless network administrator who forgets to remove the access of a former employee, each breach can be narrowed down to a human mistake.

But it is in our nature to be flawed, which is why it’s crucial that individuals know and understand the risks of a few moments of not paying attention. This means that each company should invest in educating all its employees (not just the ones that work in the IT area) about cybersecurity.

cybersecurity career 5 Reasons Why You Should Think More about Cybersecurity

#3: Interesting Career Opportunities

The world of cybersecurity is quite interesting for those with inquisitive minds and a curious spirit. Furthermore, we can promise you that you won’t have the time to get bored! This is a niche where you need to be constantly up to date with the latest developments and always be a few steps ahead the bad guys.

Not to mention that you don’t need advanced studies to get your foot in the door. Many successful cybersecurity specialists started with a specialized online course and figured things out from there.

#4: Antivirus Alone Doesn’t Work

Many people believe that the latest antivirus is the cure to all their cybersecurity problems. Sadly, without other systems in place, the antivirus is often ineffective.

Ill-intended software, spyware, spambots, and others in the same category are constantly advancing and it’s difficult for antivirus developers to keep up. As such, individuals must pay attention to the latest developments and make sure they follow strict cybersecurity rules when it comes to passwords, online accounts, and more. 

#5: Hackers are An Inventive Bunch

The term hacker is more of an umbrella for all sorts of ill-intentioned individuals, organizations, and even corporations that stay in the shadows and poke at systems to find vulnerabilities. They are powerful, curious, and restless, which is why they are quite difficult to silence.

Furthermore, each major system is prone to vulnerabilities and it’s only a matter of time until someone finds them. This is why most software companies hire ethical hackers to analyze their platforms and point out weak areas.

Overall, cybersecurity is a wide domain, with plenty of interesting challenges that can be incredibly fun for someone looking for a new career. But it’s also something we should be thinking more about since the world around us becomes more and more tech-oriented.