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How These 3 Grammatical Tools Is Going To Improve Your Writing Skills

Grammatical Tools

There was a time when people used to take help of their university teachers, professors, and even proofreaders to help correct their grammatical mistakes in numerous types of projects, research journals, articles, and even books. This method was really time-consuming and proofreaders charged a lot of money just for correcting grammatical mistakes. There was even the fear of piracy of the work too. But today, due to the advancement of technology in literature work many grammatical tools are present online which can help the writers as well as authors to correct their grammatical mistakes and make it simple and clear. These tools can be accessed easily without any hassle and improve the quality of the work. Some tools present on the internet are free but provides basic facilities. One needs to look for reliable tools and platforms for checking grammatical mistakes as your work is quite useful for you. Here are some grammatical tools which are reliable and can be used for professional work.

The top three grammatical tools present online are –

Grammarly –    

How These 3 Grammatical Tools Is Going To Improve Your Writing Skills                                                               

This is one of the best online tool present on the internet for correcting grammatical mistakes in any type of professional as well as simple works. Grammarly is quite popular around the authors due to its astonishing features. There are two plans in Grammarly, first is the paid feature which comes up with numerous amazing features like sentence check, plagiarism checker, word suggestions, synonyms suggestion. Users need to just paste their work in Grammarly platform. The words having grammatical mistakes will be underlined automatically. The free version of Grammarly provides free grammar check. The plans of Grammarly are available in monthly as well as yearly subscriptions.

Writecheck.com by Turnitin –

Write check is an amazing grammar checker tool by Turnitin. This platform is quite effective in checking and correcting the grammatical mistakes of the articles and rank them according to their database. The best part about this platform is that you can avoid long-term subscriptions as it cost you only $7.95 for checking grammatical mistakes and plagiarism for a single content article. It costs $19.95 and $29.95 for 3 and 5 papers respectively. Turnitin is the best tool out their, especially for students. There are over 1 million students registered with this amazing platform for reviewing their research papers, school projects, and even research journals. It even provides free rephrasing of content.

Ginger grammar checker –

Ginger grammatical checker

Ginger is an amazing tool which can be downloaded easily on your MAC or personal computer. The best part about ginger is that it is completely free of cost and works as the best tool to correct the grammatical mistakes. This application does not require any internet connection and can be integrated easily with the Microsoft office or other writing platforms. This tool provides free grammar check and sentence check. It even helps users with additional features like dictionary and translation tool to translate the work in more than 12 languages.