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How To “Start a Blog” in 2017 – Make Money Blogging Guide for Beginner’s


The term  “How To Blog”  OR  “How To Start a Blog” is very interesting and more searchable term in search engines especially on Google, and also all others. It’s searching numbers increases day by day, so I also decided to write an article “How to start a blog today” that will help you to make money blogging.

This is the complete step-by-step guide for beginners. But before starting a blog you must know the term “What is a Blog or Weblog?” because without knowing all about it, creating a blog don’t be beneficial for you.

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Image : How To "Start a Blog" Today – Make Money Blogging Guide for Beginner's
How to start a blog today and make money blogging

Do you want to start your own blog huh? Good idea!

Are you want to start your own blog? or just dreaming it. But the question behind it exists of, how to get do you start a blog? There are so much information’s out there on the internet, and everyone telling you many different things. Which many of them you listen on the internet. But where the starting point is?

Here is my simply 8 steps process guide that helps you to set up your blog and makes money online via your blogs.I’ll discuss everything in my guide and explained as much as I can.

Disclosure: This guide to starting your own blog contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a service through one of these links I may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.

Why I Start a Blog?

image : Why I start a blog and make money blogging
 My great inspiration is a Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai a professional and successful Blogger from Pakistan, who is the founder and CEO of MyBloggerTricks, and he earns a great well amount from its blog via different monetization platforms like Google AdSense and BuySellAds, Affiliate Marketing and selling direct services on their blog.

Along with, Pat Flyn which is also a very well-known, famous and successful online Blogger who is the founder of SmartPassiveIncome, and has been the world top earners in blogging.

I’ve also followed many other bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Iftikar Ahemad, Abdul Wali, Darren Rowse, Harsh Agrawal and many others. These are the inspirational factors for me and force me to start my own blog.

You can check the earning of these bloggers who makes millions $$$. Below I collect some popular bloggers in the world and in India, Pakistan too. I also getting data from all other countries and share the list of top earning blogs here soon.


Basically, I’m actually saying that Blogging / Blogs is the best and great opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams as you only imagine in real life.

Before starting a blog, you must need a domain name ( Blog URL ), Web Hosting Service, Design ( Theme / Template ), Idea ( Blog Topic or Niche ) etc.

Why You Should Start a Blog & Enter to Blogging Community

Well holds up, I’m also a newbie in blogging too. I also had the same problems when I want to start my own blog. I started my blogging career in 2016 with blogger.com, when I launched my first professional blog called www.techora.netthe technology and how-to guides blog.

Note That: If you already have a unique solid idea/niche / topic of the ways to start, then skip this section and go right ahead with the guide.

What I learned for the past few years, I’ll share there. No doubt “How-to” tutorials and guides are the most searchable terms. People use WEB for finding the solutions of their problems.

So how to tutorials are specially designed for those who finding solutions. e:g

  • How to Create a Blogger Blog – Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures
  • How to Rank Higher in Google
  • How to Find Profitable Niche Market Idea

So these type of articles helps you me to get more visitors. These solved problems of newbies bloggers who struggling for getting some traffic and making their blog successful.

When I started blogging, I have no idea about blogging, in fact, it was only the week before’s I learnt on the internet, what is blog or weblog?

  • Blogs have basically the way of promotion of your products or your business all around the world. In today world, almost everyone has a blog.
  • It is the best way to express yourself and share your thoughts, ideas with the world.
  • With blogging, you become a better writer.
  • You become a good time manager.
  • The best part of it! you’re making money online doing it.
  • Make new friends and communicate with the world and create a community.

You can started as individuals or as companies. It is the ability to reached the large number of peoples in a very short time.Almost every businesses/companies create their blogs for sharing great and quality contents.

According to different online surveys, companies who’ve blogs getting more new customers as compared to others. So it is a great way to get new customers and increase your leads, sales and commissions.

In simple words, make your business sky rocket. Huh !!!

But the question creates into your mind of which are necessary things needed for starting a blog. Don’t worry, below I’m discussed about all these things which are needed.

Steps You’ll Learn In My Blogging Guide

There are only eight main steps you need to setup your blog and start blogging. If you want to create a successful blog then follow this guide and eight steps, you’ll have your own blog setting up in simply 30 minutes or less.

There are no professional skills needed, it’s simple to setup your blog from scratch. Also, there is no any kind of coding knowledge required by you, Good news, huh?

So what you wait for? just follow this step-by-step guide and create your professional blog today and make money blogging.

8 Steps of How to Start a Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

1. Blog Niche / Blog Topic

2. Choose Domain Name

3. Choose Best Blogging Platform

4 – Choose Best Web Hosting Provider

5. Create Your Blog

6. Design Your Blog

7. Best Blogging Tools & Resources

8. Monetize Your Content & Make Money

Step #1 – Find Blog Topic / Niche Idea

image : choose best blog topic / niche market idea for your website
Blog Niche or Blog Topic is the main thing when you want to start your blog. If you have any business, company or organization, then this is very easy to choose blog topic. You should start a blog about your products, services and any other promotions of your business.

But if you’re an individual, then this is very difficult, but not more. You can choose it very easily.

If you are passionate about anything and want to write about this, then this is the topic or niche of your blog. Without passion, you cannot succeed in blogging. Here a some things which you can remember during or start your blogs:

  • Choose Niche which you can enjoy
  • Google searches the Niche you’re thinking about
  • Choose Topic which is discursive
  • Choose Niche which you’re passionate about
  • Choose profitable niche idea

Choose the best niche, in which you can establish yourself in the Blogosphere or in an online world.If you’re not passionate about the topic, then believe me you can’t make your blog for a long run.

Step #2 – Choose Blog Domain Name:

image : how to choose best blog domain name for starting a blog

The domain is the web address or URL of your blog. It is very important because it also helps you in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Always choose unique but creative domain name that your readers easily remember it. Below I’ll mention some tips before registering your blog domain name.

  • Domain Name must be Short.
  • It contains your primary and targeted keywords.
  • The web address of your blog must be simple, catchable and easy to remember.
  • Domain name covers your main blog topic/niche.
  • Don’t use dashes, numeric digits or special characters in it.
  • Get any extension .com, .net, .org. (Recommended .com Extension )

So these are some points that you should always be remember before registering your domain name.

If you want to start a blog on fashion, then include fashion related keyword in your domain name.Similarly if you want start a blog on , “Fitness”, “Health”, “Blogging”, “Make Money Online”, “Tips and Tricks”, “Games & Software’s”, “Videos”, or any other topic then you can add the main keyword into your domain which is more attracting as compared to other domain name and your domain ranking also increases with this step.

Step #3 – Choose Best Blogging Platforms:

image : how to choose best blogging platform for starting a blog

Blogging platform basically is the service or software where you can run your blog and manage it. There are many platforms are exist on the internet, where you can start your blog. In my opinion, he most important are only two Blogger.com and WordPress.

If you want to rank higher in a very easy way then start with WordPress. My choice and almost millions of bloggers choose this platform for manage their blogs.

image: how to start a blog today to make money blogging

There are almost 83 Billion or more than active users of WordPress are exists in this world. Basically
WordPress Platform are two types which as follows:

1 : Hosted, means WordPress hosted platform ( WordPress.Com ) where you can host your blogs. You can create free blog here.

2 : Self-Hosted, all bloggers whose blogs are on WordPress , are mainly used this type of WordPress platform.

Step #4 – Choose Best Web Hosting Service

image: how to choose best web hosting service for starting a blog

Web Hosting is the company or service that host your website up on the internet and live all the time, so everyone else can see it. All your website data are saved on there.

Simply think about your PC hard drive, you can saved all your files and folders on it. Same like web hosts, where your website databases are hosts and live for all over the globe. So anyone from the world visit your website.

I personally, use Hostgator (for my all blogs), and I fully confident about this company. They provide premium web hosts and their uptime supports upto 99.99%. It is probably one of the world best and cheapest web hosting service (Only 3.45$ / Month).

When you register your domain name, then it’s cost will be around $12 – $15 per year, but you can choose any web hosting plans with Bluehost and they give you free domain name for every hosting plans.

If you want to explore some other companies, then check my article about 16 best web hosting service providers in the world, which are very helpful for choosing best web hosting.

Step #5 – Create a Blog:

image : How To "Start a Blog" Today – Make Money Blogging Guide for Beginner's
 Let started, I hope you choose a self-hosted WordPress blog, get started your blog. Simply one-click install it into hosted platforms, attach your domain, and your blog is online. Now just explore your thoughts, and express in quality contents and published them on your blog.

But before starting a blog, you must know about some important tips that are necessary for you to build a successful blog.

Don’t be give up any time. Just concentrate on your topic, finding information and writing into your own styles and publishing on your blog. When you publish quality contents , search engine loves it and also other people link back to you to their own blogs and websites.

In this way, your ranking also increases, and you’ll get dozens of free quality backlinks that helps you getting higher ranking in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Do You Need to be a Good Professional Writer?

In single word my answer is : NO

You don’t need to be a professional writer or a write a blog. Simply write on anything in any language but English and write an article which need to make sure that :

  • Easy to Understand to Everyone
  • Free from Typo’s
  • Write Relevant Content to Your Topic

It’s not a big matter for you, just write in simple English and if your vocabulary doesn’t be a good, then don’t worry, you can also write a blog.

Simply share your thoughts into your own words just in simple English that others easily understand and relevant to your subject.

My grammar is absolutely terrible, so don’t stress too much about this thing. Just explore yourself and write what you want. You don’t need any professional writing skills, just write, write and write.

As much you write your writing skills automatically improve and at the end you’ll become a professional writer and blogging expert.

Step #6 – Design Your WordPress Blog:

image: how to design your wordpress blog and get higher ranking in Google

Once your blog is online or live and fully ready to starting and publishing posting, but first of all you should customize some of the basic design of your theme or template. Mainly, WordPress designs are called “ Themes” .

WordPress has provided awesome and powerful features that allows you to change your themes or edit it just within few clicks. You don’t need to become a coder / programmer. You just have an little bit knowledge about HTML / CSS and customize your template according to your needs and interest.

Blog design of your site must be very important because it shows as your brand. It should also reflect both of you and your personality.

Always make your navigation bar clean and simple, where users can easily find and explore it. Don’t use excessive sidebar widgets which heavy load to your site.Make your blog design clean, simple and fast loading page speed. Website speed also becomes a very big factor in site ranking, so always make your site speed faster

With WordPress package, many free themes are include which you can use free of cost. But some of are paid or if you want to choose these, you can buy these theme and then use. But if you don’t like any of them ,then find on the internet and search WordPress themes, and find best theme for your blog and install it into your platform.

Step #7 – Best Blogging Tools & Resources

image: best blogging tools and resources for bloggers
Now after fully setting up your blog and start posting articles on it, it’s time to use some important and useful tools and resources that saves your time and give you more and more benefits into your blogging success.I’ve personally used many blogging tools and resources for managing my all blogs. Here I show you some useful but important tools that you can also try out.

Bloggers come to blogging community with social media experience. Many mistakes we’ll newbies made – there is always a different ways available to fulfill your mistakes and more learning and improvement. Whether you’re a expert in blogging or just a newbies, these tools and resources might be very helpful all of you.

So these are some important blogging tools and resources that might be helpful in your blogging career. There are many other guides, tutorials ,t ools, resources also share here, which you can explore on my blog.

Step #8 – Monetize Your Blog Contents

image: how to monetize your blog with ads, affiliate links

Now after completing all the steps properly, setup your blog, posting quality articles on it and published on daily basis. After some time, you’ll receive visitors to your blog from search engines and social media sites.

This is the time to convert your visitors into money. Because we creating blogs not just for sharing information, but we also make money from it.

There are many different methods to make money online via blogs. But the most popular method is the displaying advertisements. Hundreds of companies are available for monetizing your contents via their advertisements.

But I recommended you and it the every blogger dream and suggestion to apply for Google AdSense. AdSense is the best PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platform. People were make millions of dollars just from AdSense.

Try to approving your AdSense account, but it can be little bit difficult for newbies, so if you doesn’t get an account of AdSense, don’t worry. There are different Google AdSense Alternatives are available which you can explore make money from it.

You can also make money through CPM (Cost Per Mile) / 1000 Impressions ads network like Yahoo/Bing Contexual Ads Network. But this is only profitable if you’ve a lot of visitors to your blog or website and your mostly audience from UK, USA, and Canada etc.

There are many other ways are available for make money blogging. If you don’t want to use advertisements on your blog, then monetize your contents via affiliate links.

Selling different things online on your blog to your readers and make money from them. If you’ve choose blogging related niches, then selling templates, web hosting, plugins etc.

Always choose relevant products because identify your audience and their interest and then decide which things you offer them and they’ll buy it and you’ll get some commissions from it.

Remember:   Don’t copy – paste anything from the internet or any other sources. If you can do this you cannot run your blog for a long time.

Search engine doesn’t allow copy – paste contents and if any time search engine discover copied contents on your site, they’ll be drop down your ranking or at last banned you after penalized.

So always works to create unique and quality contents and publishing articles. Posts are published on daily basis, if you don’t, then at least weekly basis for better results.

Search engine loves fresh contents, so always try keep up-to date and publishing articles on your blog on daily basis and increase your visibility in the eyes of search engine.

blue_hostI recommend BlueHost for all new bloggers (get a Techora special discount rate of $3.45 per month on a 12-month starter plan). This guide will take you through the setup process – step by step.

My Final Words For You !!!

I hope and fully confident that, when you fully setup your blog according to my step-by-step guide, you can easily start your blog and make your blogging career as best as you can. If you face any problem while installing and setting up your blog then feel free to contact me, I’m happy to help you as much as I can.

If you have any question about this or any circumstances you get bored or stuck this, and ask anything related blogging then feel free. I’ll help you out with any problem as my knowledge.

Enjoy your Blogging Career !

Would you like to write an article / post for My blog at Techora? Contact Me with your suggested blog post topic and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for mroe updates on How to Start A blog Sucessfully!


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