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The one stop Emulator for your Android Device: Happy Chick Emulator



Have you ever felt helpless while playing in your Smartphone device because the controls were tough as compared to desktop or PC? There are often times we wished to play the Smartphone games on our PC and vice versa. Previously it was Clash of the clans and now it is PUBG mobile playing unknown battleground mobile.

In today’s date android is used in most of the Smartphone device while when we think about PC, desktops, and laptops then we get most comfortable upon using a windows operating system. But windows don’t run apk i.e. app versions made for the Android operating system and even if you get the PC version of that app then there is high chance that they are going to cost you, unlike Google play store.

Hence we need something that can be used in PC to run the apk version of the app and hence emulators are built. There is lots of emulator in the market but here we are going to know more about the Happy Chick emulator and how it is different from other emulators in the market. The main difference is that it can run Play station, Nintendo, and Xbox games on your Smartphone device when you download the app version of this emulator and install it on your Smartphone device.

Happy chick is basically a game emulator but you can use it as other emulators as well and use other Android apps as well.  Not all emulators will run all the games out there and this is what makes it different from other emulators. Happy chick emulator, since it is made for gaming purpose, hence can run maximum popular and high-end games. The best part about this emulator is that it is user-friendly and a person using the emulator for the first time can also handle it with ease.  You can play local multiplayer LAN games with the help of this emulator or you can connect to the internet to play the games online with people from all over the world. Let us take a look at its features.


Features of Happy Chick Emulator

·        Happy chick emulator is very user-friendly

This emulator is very user-friendly whether it’s your Smartphone device or even if you are running this emulator on your Personal computer. If you are using an emulator for the first time then again it would be a child’s play for you to run this emulator.  However, this emulator gives the best experience when you use it on your Smartphone device.

·        Free to download

Happy chick emulator app is free to download install and use. Unlike other apps, it does not charge a penny for you to download, install and use it on your device. The reason it is free to use is that it contains ads. The app development team make a profit from those ads, and thus it is free.

·        Connecting gamepads is fun on Happy Chick Emulator

You can connect Gamepads very easily with your Android device with the use of Happychick emulator. This will provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

·        Download games from the cloud and Save data in cloud storage with Happy Chick Emulator

Now you can download a game anytime because now you can store your game data from cloud servers, without having to start all over again.

·        One click play

Using Happy chick emulator is very easy as you can play games with one click only. That means you don’t have to go through unnecessary things which can irritate you before you start to play. Thus your gaming experience on your mobile phone will be much better.

·        Lan and multiplayer support

With the happy chick emulator, you can easily connect to a Local area network and can play with your friends nearby. you can also connect our device to the internet and can play with people from various parts of the world however in both cases there will be a slight difference in the speed at which the game loads on your device.

Download, Installation, and Use

Downloading the Happy Chick Emulator

The emulator Happychick can be downloaded easily from a third party site. Since it violates the policy hence you cannot download it, the conventional way i.e the Google play store. However, you can download it from the link given below.

once you have downloaded the apk file successfully go to next step for installation.

Installing the Happy chick emulator on your device

  • Go to the apk file on your device and click on it. Thereupon you will see some permission which you need to agree in order to proceed.


  • Click on NEXT to proceed further.
  • It will get installed like other apps only without any inconvenience. Your device can ask “if you want to install the app from an unknown source?”. if you want to proceed further without getting afraid of security issues then click yes otherwise click on NO and exit.

Using the Happy Chick Emulator

The happy chick emulator is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface. Upon entering for the first time you will get a recommended list of a few games that you may like to install. You can, however, skip this and can go to the homepage for further installation of other games.

You will find categories on top of the homepage. The categories are:

  • For Emulator and platform based games


  • There are games that are based on rankings

  • There are also niche based on Hot topics that is the games are loved most recently.


Using the Happy Chick Emulator

To use the Happy Chick Emulator You need to choose a game and accept their privacy policy. Thereafter you should click on the download button and wait for the game to get downloaded. Once the game gets downloaded it will be automatically installed in your device through the emulator.





The emulator is perfect for your Android profile and the apps get installed smoothly on most of the device. If you are using the newer version of the App with an old version of Android OS, the app may not work properly.