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How To Hide Files And Photos In Android Device

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Smartphone is an extension of yourself and others may easily assume your identity. The strange little device can disclose parts of yourself and so comes the idea of hiding your photos and documents internally. Here we will discuss how to do so.

Android OS typically don’t facilitate hiding stuff, but this is very much possible with third-party apps and one such is File Hide Expert. It is free to download from Google Play Store and allows hiding and unhiding files on your phone easily.

Opening File Hide Expert app after installation will land you to a message saying hidden file list is empty. To hide a file, check for a folder icon in the top-right corner of the screen and tap on it.

It is nothing different from a basic file management app, but does not require memorizing where the file is located.

File Hide Expert App

A “Hide All” tap will hide all the files and others having access to your phone will not be able to find those, even not from the file managers or galleries.

To get back the hidden files you simply need to tap on the “Restore All” button.

It is strongly recommended here to use password capabilities for the app. If not, others may get access to the files by tapping on “Restore All” after opening the app.

To enable to password capability simply go to the Menu button and thereafter tap on the Settings. Check the box here and a password submission will be prompted. Take a strong note not to forget the password as you need it every time you want to hide or unhide the files. Don’t get into such situation where you forget the password and cannot restore the hidden files. It will be disastrous for you.

keepsafe app

In case you don’t want to risk yourself losing the files, it is suggested to use KeepSafe app, which creates a digital vault on the smartphone and can keep a backup on the cloud too. A PIN is required to access the app and all the files are stored in one location. You can get back your files even if your smartphone is broken or lost.

KeepSafe app is free to download from Google Play Store, but comes with limited features. A premium versions costs $4.99 a month. However, thankfully the cloud backup service comes for free.

According to the app, a paid version offers some strong security features like snazzy PIN theme, a fake PIN that let others believe to have gained access to the hidden files.

A “Break-in Alert” system is also offered in the paid version where you can come to know if anyone has tried accessing the hidden files.

Setting up and generating PIN is easy with a step-to-step guide. Hiding photos from normal gallery is easy too. It is simply to tap on the “Share” button and select KeepSafe from the options. The photos will be shifted to a private collection and will no longer be made visible in the open gallery.