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15 Writing Tricks and Tips for Authors

15 Writing Tricks and Tips for Authors


If you want to be an author, you have to prepare yourself with the best writing tricks and tips. Here’s all that you need to know!

How to be an Amazing Author?

An author’s life is not as easy as it is shown in the movies; there are so many things that he has to be particular about. Firstly, he has to have an amazing control on his language. He must be talented to transform his thoughts into words. Unless he has an idea about this process, he can’t be an excellent author and attract people to read his work.

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Writing Tricks and Tips for Authors:

How to be an Amazing Author


If you want to be an author, here’s a list of all those writing tricks and tips that you must have an idea about. Have a good command on the language you want to write in: If you want to write in a specific language, you have to be sure that you know it. In case it is a complete new language for you, make sure to learn it thoroughly before you start writing your book.

  • Keep a grammar checker handy: If you don’t want to spend on grammar checkers, some of which are quite expensive, the best thing to do is find free online grammar checkers and use them to learn about the mistakes that you have made in your book. Grammar checkers are blessings for authors and thus, you must have one on your computer or laptop.
  • Make sure you learn spellings: Spell errors are a big turn off for avid readers. The quality of your work is judged on the basis of the spellings that you use in your book. No doubt the readers understand if there are a few random mistakes, but if they are more, the expressions that you use while writing lose their charm.
  • Think different: In order to be a good writer, you have to think differently. Don’t just read five books, combine the story and create one on your own; instead, create a story that is close to your heart. Ensure to keep your storyline original and your grammar intact.
  • Write when no one’s around: The best thing to do is write when you are alone. Loneliness makes everybody a writer. Also, when you have people around you, the feeling of writing a book may not be constant since you are distracted most of the times.

What can Help?

Don’t focus on how the story is going to end; focus on its journey: An aspiring author generally loses the charm of writing because he is too focused on the ending of the plot. If you are in haste to write a book, your characters won’t leave the impact that you have in your mind. Focus on how you are making the characters meet. Make their journey good so that reading your book is a journey for people.

  • Prepare a chart of your characters: Before you begin writing your story, prepare a list of your characters and write details about each one of them. Such a thing allows you to describe them in a better way.
  • Ensure to carry a small book everywhere you go: No matter how strong your memory is, you can’t expect yourself to remember every single thing that comes into your mind. Carry a small diary or book so that you can note down even the most random thought that has popped up in your mind. You can use these thoughts as ideas in your novel.
  • Read more when you are in the process of creating your book: When you want to write, you should read, too. If you are writing a fictional story, reading can give a lot of ideas to you. Keep reading if you want to be a good writer. You get ideas when you read and that’s exactly what you need as an author.

The title of your book matters a lot. Your title should represent the entire story of your book. You can either select the name of your book and then write the stories or simply write the book and then create its title. Do what suits you! You have the freedom to create your very own words: The best thing about being an author is that you have the right to create all that you want to, including brand new words. Neologism means the world to an author.

Don’t skip talking about the details that you have in your mind: Instead of talking about how the moon is, talk about how the light is falling on the surface of the table. Describe every single detail to be sure about giving the best to your readers. Serve them a fruit plate of good words, excellent dialogues and descriptive narrations. Be prepared to be criticized. Don’t think that people are going to spare you; you will be criticized every now and then. As a writer or an author, you have to be prepared to be criticized. Take some of the criticisms as positive reviews for your work. If there are useless criticisms, you can ignore them.

Instead of focusing on writing, focus on creating: When you focus on writing only for the sake of it, you have a dream of selling a million copies of your book. On the other hand, when you focus on creating a story, you have a dream of being understood by your readers.

The dialogues should be as natural as they can: The most important part of your book is the “dialogues.” Unless you make the dialogues good and impactful, people won’t understand the conversation and like reading what you have written. Conversations have to be good and clear. Keep the interaction natural.

Writing a book is a beautiful feeling. You are the creator of each and every character that you build in your book. You can give life or kill anyone that you want. If there’s someone that you love, you can focus on describing details about that specific character as much as you like. You just have to be sure to use the above mentioned tricks and tips and once you use them, you know that there’s no turning back. Most of the aspiring writers give up on their dream of creating their very own novel; they often get bored or busy in other tasks and thus, their book remains incomplete. If you want to be an author, you have to sustain the feeling of being one. Keep working and the rest will be taken care of.


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