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How To Add Google Plus Button into Your Blog

Google+ is the very famous and awesome social networking site which is under hold on Google Company. I’m searching very much and now share that the Google+ is still creating a buzz after one week of release and as a blogger and webmaster i’ll find some useful and smart way of getting traffic and for SEO point of view. If you have a very big followers / circles then the Google+ Likes one plus is very useful for you. For this purpose, first you get have a great number of followers. 

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How To Add Google Plus Button into Your Blog

I’m searching and find very awesome way for SEO benefits of Google+, but now, i would suggest you that you can get the Google Plus Button from creator page which will help you to giving a codes to add google+ button into your website or blogs. You can create a button for your Google+ profiles or Company Page, then

Go To This Page : Google+ Creator Page

All you need to do is that you add your profile link in Enter Profile Page, for example I have added :

So you can configure button size, button views, and many other things.

How To Add Google Plus Button into Your Blog
Google+ Creator Page To Create Google+ Button For Your Blog

How To Find Your Google+ Profile Link ?

When you logging into your Google Plus Account, Go To ” https://plus.google.com/me and then you will get your profile link. As in my point of view it is the great feature of Google, and they can struggle more to create and developed more buttons and some awesome other things which are attractive to the users. So if you have a Google+ Profile and want to get more and more followers into your profile circle, then it’s time to let your readers know about the Google+ Community . Here is the example of Google+ button which is created for my own profile.

Watch Video Add Google+ Button in Blogger Blogs in Urdu & Hindi

You can easily circle me using this button and get my all latest posts and updates on google plus community. Also it is the great fun loving things which google shows and developed, and in coming days it will improve a lot. Do let me know if you’re adding this button into your blog or website in comment section below ?