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5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

Web Designing is an art. People who started their online businesses think that Web Design is something about to start new site only. But it’s not true. Web Designing can be changed during the time. People can may spend hours, days or even months to create and design their site logo, header, footer, main content area , navigation’s etc. Also think about what colors go well together. Many people who can developed their sites once, and then forget it . Due to this reason, there are millions of websites online that have a very bad designs features, because technology changed everyday, and those people who can forget their sites, their sites have an old and bad designs which are not looked beautiful in today age.
5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

If you running your own website or blog then you have much experience about it. If there sites are not ranked and people can give up from their sites, then they often think that, why they gone. The biggest reason is that your site contents as well as website design. Web Design is something that has always put on hold until the later. Unfortunately, a sites web designs has a very big role and much impact on the people that you may always think. So that’s why here i’m discussed of 5 top and really bad design features which you should always avoid.

1 – Bad Website Text

Text is the soul of any website or blog. But i think you always think that web designing is all about graphics, pictures, colors etc, but remember that Text is the main and key part in designing the web. Because text makes up the majority of your website so that’s why it has so important factor in web designing, because it can presented well your site. There are many things which people do but these are not useful in designing point of view. Here i’m sort out some examples of bad text on a websites :

* Use small text that is very difficult for the users to read it.

* Use illegible fonts ( Means don’t understanding well )

* Color contrasts of the texts.

* Without any link, changing the color of the text.

* Paragraphs in Capital words, Bold or even Italic.

* Don’t space between the paragraphs.

When people going to these sites, they were feel difficulty to read the contents into these sites and they won’t stick around so long. So always put some real, awesome and good looking readable text into your site. Like see the image :

5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

2 – Bad Navigation’s in Your Website

5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

Navigation’s can play a very big role in web designing of your websites and blogs. Basically when people are come to your sites and they feel nerves due to bad navigation of your site. It is bad thing and infuriating thing when you want to find something but couldn’t know where you go. This will happen only due to :

* Bad Navigation

* Poor Navigation Design

* Complicated or Unnecessary Navigation’s

* Navigation with Broken Links

* Infinite Scrolling

* Without Search Bar

* Post Titles Won’t Exactly Explains

The main point is that how to create or write contents for your site , which is enable people to find it. If they couldn’t then they will go and find it elsewhere. Keep remember my advice :

Every week or even in a month, take a whole tour of your site and see if any necessary thing is compulsory then add this, and also feel can your site is better yet. Also call your friends and family members to tell them check your site and see how much they easily find their related things. Don’t dis-heart, just use it as a way of improving your site design for better relationship with your visitors.

3 – Website Backgrounds

5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

Backgrounds of your websites are something of divisive subject in many circles of your life. Because many people can love these things like backgrounds and some others hate them. In my opinion always use a simple and awesome and good looking background for websites. Here some points keep in mind relating to website backgrounds :

* Distracting Web Backgrounds

* Don’t use backgrounds that take the attention away from the contents.

* Background under text, that make harder to read out the web contents.

* Don’t use such kind of images.

* Don’t use that make you dizzy.

Backgrounds can, when use properly and in a well manner, be a great design in the addition of your website. All things that make your visitors boring or hardhearted or distracts or even make it harder to read the contents avoided.

4 – Website Links

5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

Links are the main thing in website if people want to go from one place to another within a website or even outside the website to the other. Every website has a links, while some web masters can choose that type of links which are difficult for the readers to see, read or follow them. Why they would do , can you have any idea? , but it sure won’t impress many of your visitors. Here are somethings which you try to avoid :

* Avoid to add Broken Links.

* Avoid from Dead Links.

* Links of Text Colors ( Same as Text Colors )

* Links Without any Description

* Links which are not easy to see or follow

I’m tell you only one thing about the website links, always choose that links which are easy for people to find them, follow them. Simple and clear links use so people can engage with them and you can increase your traffic with these links

5 – Graphics ( Images, Videos, Info-graphics )

5 Really Bad Websites Design Features That You Should Avoid

Graphics is the main part in web designing. Without graphics web designing is that kind of man which is live but dead. Graphics is in the form of images, videos, info-graphics, text, colors etc. Always use good and clear result images with correctness. When images are not used correctly, then we face more problems and difficulties than you would expect. When people are used image with large size then it can cause you site to load much slower than others. So it is the biggest factor. Keep in mind some points :

* Don’t use large images that take a long time to load.

* Don’t use images that are bigger the screen resolution.

* Those images without ALT Tags.

* Full Size Images

* Colorful That not Looked Professional

There are many things that you can always do to improve your page loading speed, but here you can one key aspects to use images in a proper way. Videos can also be optimized in a well manner and even text and other graphics.

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So these are some bad web design features which you always avoid if you want to developed a website or if you have a website, then read these steps and if any you done then avoid it and make your website in good ranking and make it user friendly, so people can love your site and they coming to your site again and again. If you like this post then take a minute to share it with your friends. Subscribe me to get my latest updates into your email.