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How To Do Blogging for Profit


A blog is defined by, Dictionary.com, as “A personal website.” and there are many ways to earn money from blogging such as donations, banner and text ads, and direct sales. Whilst all these methods are valid ways to earn money from a blog, the easiest and most effective way is through pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs

Some websites offer the option to join their affiliate advertising program meaning they will pay money to have their ads or the ads of a product or service from one of their clients on a third party website, how payment is rendered for these ads is what makes some affiliate programs more lucrative than others.

Pay-per-click is just as lucrative as it is simple, every time someone clicks on an ad hosted by a third party website a fee is charged to the ad owner. The best programs of this nature are ones that can provide targeted ads that are relevant to the main topic or keywords of the affiliate website hosting the ad. Here are some that adequately suit the needs of their publisher’s audience:

Google AdSense – It’s very easy to apply, get approved, and earn money with Google’s pay-per-click AdSense program, and they have one of the most frequently used and well known pay-per-click programs on the internet, it’s almost an odd thing to visit a blog and not to see a Google AdSense ad. Once an affiliate application has been approved, the applicant will be prompted to give the most relevant keywords that best describe the website content where the ad will be hosted, then once that’s done then instructions will be given on how to place the ad on the third party website.

Bidvertiser – Unlike Google AdSense, Bidvertiser allows advertises to bid on the ad space on a third party website. Bidvertiser allows publishers to block certain ads from being run on their website, giving the publisher full control over the ads that are displayed on their website. Unique to Bidvertiser’s program, allowing advertisers to bid on ad space can be very lucrative indeed, because the more popular the publishing site gets the more money is paid per click.

Infolinks – Featuring a different form of Pay-Per-Click, Infolinks does not offer text ads, but instead they operate using in-text links. Similar to the Google AdSense, applying is simple and getting approved is quick as well as easy, instructions will be given on how to embed their code into the website template code.

Adbrite – This pay-per-click program features six different forms of advertising text banners, inline ads which will display an ad only when scrolled over, graphic banner ads, rich media ads that are interactive with visitors to your site, full page ads, and BritePics which are monetize photos with interactive text ads. Like Bidvertiser Adbrite allows their publishers to customize details of the ads that will be displayed on their website. They also offer CPM ads, which pay depending per a certain number of times.

Using a Keyword Tool

Picking the right keywords is essential for the best results on the pages of search engines. Using a reverse search engine tool is the best way to be sure the right keywords are being used. Not taking advantage of keywords can hinder the amount of revenue generated by a website. Choosing the right ad network is just as important as choosing the right keywords for a publishing third party website. Without carefully considering options for both before a decision is made.