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Status 7 Error Fix while Flashing LineageOS [How To]

Status 7 Error Fix while Flashing LineageOS [How To]

The LineageOS provides unofficial versions of latest Android to devices before the manufacturer version is out. While updating the new Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) or the LineageOS 14.1, many users are experiencing an error message, “Status 7 Error”. This causes the installation to stop and fail. If you are encountering this Status 7 error and having trouble installing your LineageOS, read on to fix the error and solve the problem.

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When installing the LineageOS, make sure to update your bootloader and things like TWRP recovery. There are three main reasons that cause this Status 7 Error. They are caused by either outdated bootloader or TWRP recovery, choosing wrong LineageOS file and lastly, it maybe because of performing a dirty flash. You can follow the guide below to get rid of this status 7 error.

How to Fix LineageOS Status 7 Error

1. Outdated bootloader/TWRP Recovery:

As we mentioned before, bootloader could cause the status 7 error if it is not the proper version. Generally, in Android, you can’t ignore the bootloader by having older versions. In order to move to one latest version of Android, you need to at least have a newer bootloader.

Status 7 Error lineageos

To get your bootloader to the newer version, you need to update your device to the version of Android before the latest one. In this case, it is Marshmallow (LineageOS 13) as we are trying to upgrade to Nougat right now. After updating to that version, your bootloader will get updated and so you can continue the installation process of LineageOS 14.1 and the error message will not show.

Similarly, you may also get this error if you are using older TWRP Recovery to flash LineageOS 14.1. The LineageOS 14.1 requires TWRP 3++ version to be flashed on your device. So keep in mind that older versions won’t support you and automatically the error message will show up.

2. Using the correct LineageOS:

The second possible cause that may have caused the status 7 error. It is mistakenly choosing wrong LineageOS ROM file. This is very obvious and the solution is obvious too. You have to select your ROM file very carefully before downloading it from the LineageOS site. This mistake could cost you your device sometimes resulting in a brick. So choose the correct LineageOS out of all the listed variants for your device.

3. Dirty flash:

This is a newbie mistake that you really should avoid. Sometimes we make it because of laziness. Dirty flashing is installing a custom ROM without wiping cache or data or factory resetting the device. Always have the habit of clean flashing. Wipe caches and data, factory reset the phone before any custom ROM flashes. LineageOS 14.1 strictly does not allow dirty flashing. So the status 7 error will appear if it is done. Perform a clean flash of OS and the error won’t show up.

This will now remove the error message and lets you flash the LineageOS 14.1. Hope this helped. Comment below if you have any queries.

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