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How to Increase Views of YouTube Video Clips

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One of the latest trends in marketing is the creation of branded video content. The purpose of this is to engage audiences with video content that is genuine, inspirational, and, of course, entertaining. The challenge is to get that video content shared across the Net.

Branded video content is effective and may encourage viewers to purchase the advertised product or service, which is the hope of most marketers. Their other hope is that people will share the video clip with their friends, as word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. Most people will continue to view a video that has been shared by a friend, whereas those who found the video clip themselves generally watch it for a much shorter period.

The following are a few points to remember when posting a video clip. Making a video go viral can never be guaranteed, but there are few things to consider trying and making it more popular, and hopefully going viral.

1. Psychologically Motivated Videos

One of the main reasons why viewers share video content is due to being motivated psychologically. This would include emotional postings, videos that a viewer can identify with and informative videos about pressing issues.

Emotions are Motivational

Feelings and emotions are part of our everyday life and are a fundamental need. If a video manages to encapsulate an emotion that touches the viewer, then he is likely to share it. It is the emotion that is being shared, more than the video clip. Make use of this fact in putting together a video.

Identity Creates Bonding

The content that people share on social media sites says something about them. So when a viewer shares a video, what is he saying about himself? The video message should be clear and it has to be relevant – something that people will want to be associated with. It may reflect humour, fashion, hobbies or interests. It is something that they want to be identified with. Only then will they share it.

Information About Relevant Issues or Topics

The era we live in today is known as the information era and most people are really keen to teach and learn. Video clips are a creative means of sharing information. A video that shows up to date and interesting information is likely to be shared. The information should be presented in an authentic manner, which is lighthearted and engaging.

2. Videos Should be Easy to Share

Up until fairly recently, YouTube has been the most used video sharing site, however there are now many similar type of sites available to share videos. With YouTube being so huge and containing so much content, your videos are easily overlooked. Take a look at some of the alternative sites like Vimeo and Vodpod.

Make sure that you are sharing your video in social media sites. It is best to embed the video into the site rather than linking it to the other site. Make use of built-in social features that allow easy sharing of the content.

3. Video Sharing Needs a Strategy

If you hope to make your video go viral, you need to spend some time planning how you intend to distribute the video clip. Ask yourself Which sites and which users create the most sharing opportunities for the type of video content that you have made and What is the best time of the day to share the video content.