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What Does Cost Per Click Mean in Web Marketing

Web Marketing

Adsense is a great opportunity for those with a website or blog to make cash online. But creating great content does not necessarily mean the web designer will earn lots of revenue. In fact, the webmaster must first understand how to optimise his website by using various webmaster tools at his disposal. CPC or cost per click, sometimes known as pay per click or PPC, is of vital importance to the homeworker’s income and needs to be properly understood.

What is CPC when Optimising a Website?

CPC means the fee charged to an advertiser each time a visitor to a webpage clicks upon the advert displayed. A click on an advert is also known as an “ad click.” Google takes a commission from each ad click and passes on a percentage to the webmaster, who receives it as Adsense revenue. It must be noted that cost per click is different to “page views” or PV, which registers how many visit a particular webpage, whether an advert is clicked or not.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Advertising Earn the Web Designer?

The fee Google charges to the advertiser is determined by many factors. Examples are:

-The quality of the advertising campaign
-The wording in the advert used, or “adwords.”
-The advertiser competition
-The services or product advertised

Advertising some services attract a higher fee than others. It is generally known that products in the finance industry attracts a higher fee per click.

Pay Per Click Campaign

In order to optimise earnings from a website, webmasters must include certain keywords and phrases within his text to trigger relevant ads upon the webpage, to attract more visitors and also to garner a higher revenue per ad click. Careful analysis of keywords is essential to the webmaster.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

A visitor looking for particular information will enter a key word or phrase into Google’s search bar, or other search engine to find what he is looking for. For instance, when looking for information on free web space providers, the visitor may type in the phrase “free web space.” The results will provide results that match these keywords. Using the right keywords, are for this reason, crucial for the webmaster if he is to attract traffic. This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Which Keywords

Rather than guess which keywords the visitor may use, the webmaster may use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool which collates all the search terms used by visitors and supplies the results in regards to the most common terms used and the estimated cost per click on the advert generated by the search term.

Google Pay Per Click Website Optimisation

Webmasters have a great opportunity for making Adsense revenue through his web space. However, the webmaster tools must be understood in order to optimise revenue, an example being Cost per click. CPC is the fee charged to the advertiser when a visitor clicks upon his link on a webpage. Google takes the fee and passes on a percentage of the fee to the webmaster who earns it as Adsense revenue.

Making a website visible is crucial to attract visitors and increase the likelihood of gaining ad clicks. It must be noted here that the webmaster must never himself or coerce another to click on an ad for the purpose of earning revenue, which is known as “click fraud” and will cause the webmaster to be suspended.