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How To Keep your Digital Data Safe


Can do you value of your digital stuff’s ?Almost every one can creating their all memories with computers, like videos, photos, albums, articles etc and some do it without any concern for its value. Others some know their values and they want to keep it safe for long time and see it again in nearly future. But you know hard drives die all the time in computers , and the online services are also not profitable for you and your data like privacy issue, security issue etc.Here are some methods i’ll show you how to preserve your all digital memories and data safe, before it’s too late.

How To Keep your Digital Data Safe

6 Steps Guide to Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Step 1 :

The first step is about Backup of your data in USB ( Universal Serial Bus). You can easily and quickly backup your data in it. Simply get a low cost and cheap USB and simply drag drop your all files into it. Many things of USB drawbacks also but keep aside these things.

How To Keep your Digital Data Safe
 It is not a permanent solution of keeping your data safe from unauthorized persons, but it is the most important to take a irreplaceable information from your hard drives into any other second medium. Because any time your hard drive can fails and your all data can loss at any time.

Step 2 :

First of all you can ask yourself, which data are so important and crucial and also ask yourself, would you care if this was deleted tomorrow? Of-Course always your answer is Yes. So first of all you can decide which data is compulsory and important so first save it and make backup.

Step 3 :

If you want to save your data into some online services websites then beware. I’m not saying that you must never posting your pictures online on Facebook or any other social media sites, these are just fun. But remember that no online service should be the archive or permanent home for your data. Many times these services goes down and sometimes your data may be loss. And many times your account may be disable or suspended without any reason.Remember that never upload or remains your data on those sites where they does not give you an easy and affective way to get your data out gain.

Step 4 :

Now start making your data backups.

Remember : Something is better than nothing

How To Keep your Digital Data Safe

You can simple choose a USB cheapest rated drive, simple select your crucial data from computer hard drives, just copy this data and go to your USB and paste here. Now OS of your sysyem can copy all of your files and now in this way you can easily create a backup of your data.

Step 5 :

If you want to backups your data on other place then the online backups services also available. You can use these services wisely. If you choose any service for backup your data then read about it and its terms and conditions then upload your data for future use.

Step 6 :

How To Keep your Digital Data Safe

You can also use CD’s and DVD’s for your backups data resources. These are also very love-able storage media service which is used for keeping your data safe and keep safe for long time. Buy writable CD’s and DVD’s and then write all your important files in it and make your data safe and secure.

So in this way you can easily save and secure your data from any unauthorized person . With this way you can backup your important data and makes it safe for longer time.


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