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Top High Paying Keywords of Google Adsense in 2016

Google Adsense is one of the famous and awesome best high paying advertisement program /company, where you can get your publisher account with your blogs or websites and make money from them. It is the world best and biggest online blog monetization platform where you can make money online with your sites. If you have a blog or website with good number of visitors on daily basis then it can gives you a lots of money which you never expect. If you have a good traffic, then these list of a high paying keywords of Google Adsense gives you more money from your sites.

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Top High Paying Keywords of Google Adsense in 2016

As almost every one who use this platform can say that, Google can show ads related to your content or your niche. e.g, if you have a blog about Health Related Niche, then Google Adsense shows only health related advertisements into your blogs or site. Always remember one thing that, Google can paying on CPC ( Cost Per Click ), so if you use low paying keywords then your earning so low, but if you use high paying keywords then you can make thousands of dollars from this single monetization platform.

How You Can Make More Money with Google Adsense ?

Basically adsense pays you on CPC basis. So if you have a blog and display Google’s Ads, and your earning is about $5 dollar per 110 ads clicks, then your CPC rate will be $0.05 Dollar almost. This is so low because you never expect 110 clicks on ads only gives you $5 Dollar. So what you need to increase your CPC rate and how to boost your Adsense income?

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Example of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords

In this example you can understand why you need to use high paying keywords for increasing your income through google Adsense. Suppose , if you are using a keywords with CPC rate $1 Dollar and on every single day you get 50 clicks on your ads, then you can get $50 Dollars per day with your single article.

CPC (Cost Per Click) Rate = $1

50 Clicks / Day = 1 * 50 = $50 Dollars

So in this way you can increase your online income with this advertisement platform.

Top List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords

Here is the complete list of Adsense High Paying Keywords which you can easily use to make more money with your blogs and websites.

Donate AutoMobile To Charity CA ($130.50)

Donate Car for Tax Credit ($130)

Donate Cars in MA ($125)

Sell Anuity Payment ($107.56)

Sell Regular Payment ($107.45)

Anuity Settlements ($100.72)

Asbestos Laywers ($105.84)

Business VOIP Solution ($51.9)

Mortgage ($47.12)

Insurance ($54.91)

Forex Trading Platform ($21)

Online Stock Trading ($35)

Auto Mobile Shippinh Quote ($50)

Insurance Companies ($52)

Psychic For Free ($96.2)

World Trade Center Footage ($95.1)

Home Phone Internet Bundle ($93.33)

Stock Images ($92.8)

Software ($35.30)

Treatment ($37.18)

Dedicated Hosting ($53)

Car Insurance Companies ($58.66)

Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)

Register Free Domain ($92.03)

Email Bulk Services ($92.55)

Webex Prices ($92.38)

Car Gift ($88.26)

Virtual Information Rooms ($83.18)

Car Donate ($88.26)

Better Conference Calls ($91.44)

Futuristic Architecture ($91,44)

Mortgage Adviser ($91.29)

Online College Course ($78)

Auto Accident Attorney ($75.64)

Data Recovery Raid ($73.20)

Criminal Lawyer Miami ($70)

Motor Insurance Quote ($68.60)

Personal Injury Lawyer ($66.54)

Personal Injury Lawyer Firms ($60.56)

Cheapest Home Owner Loans ($44.28)

Royalty Free Images Stock ($92.7)

Donate your Car For Money ($94)

Massage School ($94.1)

Structured Regular Payment Settlement ($100.9)

Nunavut Culture ($99.53)

Dayton Freight Lines ($99.39)

Life Insurance CO Lincoln ($97.7)

Holland Michigan Quotes ($95.73)

Online Colleges ($95.65)

Online Classes ($95.06)

Psychic Without Charge ($94.61)

MET MotorCar ($93.70)

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These are the best and high paying keywords for Google Adsense. I’m listed this after many research. Now it’s you intercommunicate to comments, and share this post with your own friends, in order that they can also make more money with trick. If you have any question into your mind then feel free to comment below this post.