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How to make dream vacation happen

How to make dream vacation happen

Dream vacations are usually scheduled and painstakingly arranged by people after a lot of time and effort. Because so much goes into it, they get stressed out when something goes wrong during the vacation. Or worse, the vacation doesn’t push through because of lack of money, time or schedule conflicts. However, this doesn’t have to be so. Making a dream vacation happen doesn’t have to be stressful or hard. That simply goes against the whole point of having a dream vacation.

Just Announce It: Imagination Is a Powerful Thing

What most people don’t know is that just by saying that it will happen, they actually will it to happen. If the person who wants the dream vacation to happen is stuck in the details of what he needs to do, what to plan for, or what could go wrong then he gets obsessed with the things that are stopping him from going on the dream vacation. If however, he simply says that he will do it and not try to stop himself with how impossible it seems, then he is setting himself up for success (and not failure).

When someone imagines himself already on a vacation, he creates a powerful image that will work its way into his daily life and into everything he does. The more specific the image is, the more likely it will happen. His anticipation creates the vacation and a viewpoint that makes it easy for him to see opportunities.

See Opportunities Everywhere

After announcing that he is going on vacation, come hell or high water, the person who wants a dream vacation will begin to see opportunities everywhere. Because he announced the vacation before identifying his problems or barriers, he will see avenues of action that he did not see before: airline seat sales, relatives with homes in the country he wants to visit, and even work related seminars situated in the area he wants to visit.

When the person who wants the dream vacation is determined that it is important, he will see things he would never have noticed before. He will see an itinerary based on his interests, important facts and cultural stories about the place he wants to visit. When he is seeing the vacation not based on how much it costs but how much it could enrich him, then opportunities arise where they were never to be found.

Shamelessly Ask for Favors from Friends and Family

The more the person who wants a dream vacation shares his goals, the more people around him will be able to support him. They would not know how to support him if they didn’t share the picture in his mind. He can borrow many useful items and not necessarily money, like cameras, coats, luggage and guide books. If he shamelessly asks for favors from friends and family, he will find that the important people in his life are more than willing to help him reach his dream.

He should remember, though, that rejection is commonplace. What is important is that he did not let an opportunity pass. There are other people who may be willing to support him if he would only ask.

Making a dream vacation happen isn’t too difficult. To get one’s adventure going, one only needs to remember three things: announce it to the world (or at least, to the people that matter), see opportunities everywhere and shameless ask for favors from friends and family (big and small ones, it doesn’t matter). All these will come together to make one’s dream vacation a reality.

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