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Top romantic getaways in Europe

Best Romantic Getaways in Europe

When it comes to a holiday romance, Europe pushes all the right buttons. Here are the best European cities to visit for a sexy, steamy trip abroad.

Prague, Czech Republic

Boasting stunning architecture at every turn, Prague’s city centre is quite rightly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fabulously situated on the banks of the Vltava River, the city’s palaces, spires and cobbled streets provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic break. Although nowhere near as cheap as it was once famed for being, Prague is still a great value destination for a romantic city getaway.

  • Pros of Prague: Incredible architecture, easy to navigate, relatively inexpensive.
  • Cons of Prague: Has become a popular destination with beer swilling stag parties.
  • Romantic activities in Prague: Exploring the stunning city centre, visiting the sprawling castle, taking in one of the many orchestras that perform nightly.

Paris, France

Always high on the list of the world’s most sexy destinations, Paris screams romance. Stunning architecture, incredible restaurants, luxurious hotels, superb museums, fabulous clubs, atmospheric cafes, fabulous galleries, and of course – that wonderful accent. Whether it’s a last-minute valentine’s visit, a hot honeymoon, or a spicy anniversary break; Paris and romance go hand in hand.

  • Pros of Paris: Easy to reach from most of Europe with plentiful cheap deals to be found online.
  • Cons of Paris: 2nd most expensive city in Europe.
  • Romantic activities in Paris: taking a cruise on the River Seine, Kissing at the top of the Eiffel tower, enjoying a day trip to Chateau de Versailles.

Venice, Italy

Probably the most romantic city on earth, the UNESCO world Heritage Site of Venice is spread across 118 islands in a lagoon along the Adriatic coast. An extraordinary setting for a city that dates back to around 421 AD, boasts some of the most stunning architecture in the world, and features over 150 canals. As far as romance goes, Venice is in a class of its own.

  • Pros of Venice: Stunning sights at every turn, intriguing Venetian culture, Lots of gondolas.
  • Cons of Venice: Third most expensive city in Europe, is slowly sinking, and is prone to flooding.
  • Romantic things to do in Venice: Get lost in the maze of back streets, take in the grand Doge’s Palace, discover an atmospheric restaurant off the beaten track, take a Gondola cruise at sunset.

Rome, Italy

Jam-packed with centuries of history, oozing character, and wickedly stylish; Rome has been used as the setting for countless classic romantic movies and quite rightly so – few cities can compete with the Italian capital in the romance stakes. Couples visiting Rome can pack their days with visits to famous museums, galleries and landmarks or simply enjoy strolling hand in hand around Rome’s atmospheric streets.

  • Pros of Rome: Ancient ruins, great food, good weather, massive array of accommodation options.
  • Cons of Rome: Rome is large so location is an important factor when choosing where to stay.
  • Romantic Things to do in Rome: Make a wish at the famous Trevi Fountain, visit the Sistine Chapel, sample some of the city’s countless fine restaurants, take a peak inside the Coliseum.

Amsterdam, Holland

Known as the Venice of the North due its 100 kilometres of canals, Amsterdam is pretty, cool, and sexy. From world class museums including the Van Gogh museum to the infamous red light district, Amsterdam is packed with adventure for a red hot couple’s holiday. Although the city offers plenty to do, one of the true pleasures of Amsterdam is simply strolling around the canals and back streets.

  • Pros of Amsterdam: Relaxed vibe, more canals than Venice, fabulously quirky architecture.
  • The Cons of Amsterdam: Trams, cycles and cars make crossing the road hazardous.
  • Romantic things to Do in Amsterdam: Take a canal cruise, wander the fairy lit bridges, hire bicycles and explore the city and beyond.