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How To Recover Data From Damaged Mobile

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Water damaged phone, cracked screen, black screen and some other similar things are very common with smartphone users. The real panic is not the device or its cost, but to lose what is stored in it.

Under such circumstances data extraction or data recovery is the first option that strikes our mind and the safest method is to install a third-party application, which should of course need to be reliable, on your computer and connect the phone.to it.

Data recovery with USB debugging enabled

There are several tools with the help of which you can extract data from your Android smartphone and one of the favorite is Wondershare’s Dr. Fone toolkit. It has simple interface and is compatible to wide range of devices. You can also use MOBILedit’s Forensic Express or FonePaw.

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Do take note here that most of the tools will be unable to extract data from an encrypted device.

Let’s discuss here about Dr. Fone toolkit. It is capable of transferring, repairing, rooting, erasing, and taking back up. Below are a brief how to extract data from the phone:

– With the help of a USB cable connect the device with a computer.
Don’t forget to enable the USB debugging on your Android phone.
Now it is time to launch Dr. Fone toolkit for Android on the computer and thereafter select Data Recovery.
– It will ask for selecting the file that need to be scanned. You can see all the data types displayed and checked here. Simply de-select the one that you don’t want to extract or recover.
– There will be two scanning options. One will be to ‘Scan for deleted files’ while the other will ask you to ‘Scan for all files.’ The first option will take less time in the scanning process compared to the second one as it will sca all the possible data files available.
– Once you have selected the type of scanning process, you need to click on ‘Next’ option to start the process of data extraction. You can also preview individual files.
– The data will be extracted to your computer and here check the items which you need to extract. Click Recover‘ to those and save on the computer.

data recovery software

Do take note that the extraction process differ for different tools and so it is suggested to follow the instructions carefully. Don’t ignore the warnings in between to successfully recover data from damaged phone.

Smartphone uses have increased tremendously and the rate of damaging devices has also gone high. So the extraction tools are the best ways to ensure your important data is not lost forever simply because you have damaged your phone. Before you install one such tool it is important to read reviews about it so that it is confirmed you are using the right tool which can successfully retrieve data from the device.

I have found the reviews for Wondershare’s Dr. Fone toolkit, MOBILedit’s Forensic Express and FonePaw good enough to rely and use for data extraction from damaged mobile device.