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How To Make Christmas More Festive With Amazon’s Alexa

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Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa would be like a real person to you this Christmas. It will enhance your holiday with its dozens of related features like playing Christmas music, playing Christmas sounds such as that of owl, track for you about the location of Santa Clause, suggest you further daily acts of kindness, control Christmas lights, recite poems and help you explore Christmas trivia too. It will surely have the festive spirit this December 25 and beyond. Find below the holiday features of Alexa in brief:

Play Christmas music

Of course this would be the first thing that may have come to your mind. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can play almost all types of Christmas tunes like “The 50 Greatest Songs of Christmas” and “That’s Christmas to Me.” You can get a larger pool of tunes if you have an Amazon Music Unlimited or even the Spotify subscription. If you are missing these subscriptions, you can enable Christmas Radio skill and ask the device to play it. The result will be surprising.

Play Christmas sounds

If you not such a good fan of music or not interested to listen at certain moment, you can opt for Christmas sounds. Do it by enabling the Christmas Sounds skill and surprisingly Alexa will play it for you. You can get running stream of hooting owls, Christmas carolers, clopping hooves and more.

Control Christmas lights

There are several ways to do this like you can plug strand of lights into its outlet and you can say, “Alexa, turn the Christmas tree lights on.” If you are able to spend some extra money, you can buy a strand of lights similar to the Light Rhapsody, which can perform various effects and is compatible to Alexa device too.

Listen stories like ‘The Night Before Christmas’

This is very true. The device is good at reciting poems and stories too. Ask Alexa like such: “Play poem sung by Peter, Paul and Mary.”

Explore Christmas trivia

Don’t be surprised to know that Alexa knows about the Christmas holiday and it can answer some real questions like how old is Santa and is Santa Claus real. It can give information on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and also what’s the true meaning of the Christmas.

Track Santa Clause

You can track where Santa Clause is with Alexa. Ask it “Where’s Santa?” and you will get updated location of Santa. You can also get some facts from Norad’s Santa Files by enabling Norad Tracks Santa skill.

Suggest daily acts of kindness

Christmas is the time when you give. Your art of giving is enhanced during the holiday. The Christmas Kindness skill will help you with suggestions to act of kindness that can be performed in daily life.

So, get prepared to make the holidays a bit more engaging, more festive and more fun-filled with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.