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How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Register A Domain Name How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Bloggers are registering new domain names on a daily basis. As an aspiring blogger yourself, this means that your competition for a great blog name is high. Moreover, it is growing more and more each day. If you want to begin earning money off of your blog idea, you need to set up your site fast. The first step is to register your name, which gives you even more of a reason to get a domain name quickly. Read this post to learn how to register a domain name for a blog. 

Choose A Relevant Name How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Choose A Relevant Name

To begin to register a domain name for your blog, choose a relevant name. With a great name, you can profit off of your blog. Consider the type of blog you want to create as it should greatly impact your name. If you want to launch a travel blog, you need to register a domain name that screams “travel” to viewers. You will not attract the right crowd if your name and your type of blog do not correlate. Therefore, you need to take the time to choose a unique yet relevant domain name for your blog before registering one. 

Domain Extension How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Decide On A Domain Extension

Once you have a great domain name that will effectively portray what your blog offers, decide on a domain extension. Most bloggers do not think twice about this step. They automatically go along with whatever is available. If they cannot get a traditional extension like “.com” or “.net”, they might take .dev. While this is great for a developer launching a blog, it makes no sense for a lifestyle blogger. A lifestyle blogger will attract businesses in need of a website developer if they register a domain name with the extension “.dev”. Therefore, they will not receive the traffic that they want. Take the time to select a domain extension that fits your blogging goals. Then, you can succeed in registering a profitable domain name. 

Additional Hosting How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Determine If You Want Additional Hosting

Moreover, bloggers need to determine whether they want additional hosting from domain registrars or not. This allows bloggers to narrow down their registrar options. If you want to get hosting and a blog name all at once, register your name with a hosting account. Then, your entire site will remain in one spot. Bloggers who already have a hosting account can simply register their domain names without hosting. Then, follow these steps on how to transfer your domain to Dreamhost to keep your domain and hosting in one place. If you plan to transfer the domain, you will have a wide variety of registrars to choose from. Decide which domain registration option will benefit you and your blog the most. 

Check Domain Availability How To Register A Domain Name For Your Blog

Check Domain Availability

After you select a platform to register your domain on, you need to check the availability. You cannot register a domain name that is already taken by someone else. Visit the registrar of your choice. There, conduct a name search for the domain you came up with. Include your desired extension in your search to receive more specific results. If the site you are using shows that another website has already been registered under that name, you will need to come up with another one for your blog. Check your ideal domain’s availability before attempting to register it.  

Pay For Your Domain Name

Finally, it is time to register your domain name. Take your name that has not yet been registered by another website owner and input it into your chosen registrar. Input your contact information, including your billing address and email address. Ensure that you have the financial means to pay for your domain’s initial payment. Then, ensure that you will have the funding to continue paying for the yearly subscription.

Keep in mind that certain domains cost more than others. Also keep in mind that you can always buy a 1-year subscription and extend it later on. Choose your subscription length, put your credit card information in and pay for your domain name. Once you confirm the order, you will have a registered domain name for your blog. 

Bloggers like yourself have a lot of competition and, what’s more, that competition is growing rapidly. If you want to compete well, you need to register a great domain name and launch your blog quickly. To choose a good name, consider the relevant words surrounding your niche. Then, decide on a domain extension that is also relevant to the type of blog you are creating. Determine if you want additional hosting or not so that you can pick the right registration option for you. Once you choose a registrar to use, check your ideal domain’s availability. If your name is open, pay for it and complete the process. Follow these steps to register a domain name for a blog. 


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