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How To Speed Up Your Computer / PC

Today is the age of computers, every day many new inventions are take place in the field of computing. There are many reasons which slow computer. Many people also said that “My Computer is Slow” or “How To Speed Up PC” etc. Here in this article ,you will get all the answers of your questions.
How To Speed Up Your Computer / PC

When you start up your PC , it’s steadily decline into the sloth-like speeds. But after using your computer, your speed will be reduced to the uses of memory .When you installed different programs / applications , they can slow down your PC’s. Like you’ve installed MS Office, Photoshop and Internet Explorer etc. These applications slow down your PC. Here are the method of how to speed up slow windows computer for free of cost.

How To Speed Up My Computer / PC

#1 – First of all stopped all the unneeded back grounded processes that have no need or not in use. You can see out in the right side corner of your Window Taskbar, where PC Time and Date display, click and check different processes which are running into your PC.

How To Speed Up Your Computer / PC

Turn Off Un-Used Desktop Features To Speed up PC

#1 – Now go to start menu and find “RUN” option and write on it “MSCONFIG” command and click on “OK” button. You’ll go to the start up window where you disable or enable your start up programs and window applications. 
Image of Run option in window for start up programs
#2 – After go to the “Start Up” button and find out all the window running applications, and check out all those applications which are unneeded.  
image of start up window for improve window speed
#3 – After that go to the “My Computer” and right click on it and click on the “Properties” link . 
image of disable window features for better performance
#4 – After that, click on the “Advanced System Setting” link on the left side bar.  
image of window advanced system setting for speed up pc
#5 – After that click on the “Advanced” link and from them find first link “Performance” and click on the “Setting” button 
image of advanced system setting for speed up window
#6 – Here are the Window Performance, click on “Custom” button and disable or un-check these options as shown in the image. 
image of disable window features for improving window speed

Empty your Recycle To Speed Up Computer

#1 – Recycle Bin is the best thing in windows where you restore your deleted things if they’re deleted by accidentally .When you delete your files, many things are automatically or by accidentally deleted, but in this Window features, you can easily restore your files and folders . Recover deleted files from recycle bin easily by simple going into it and select that item and restore it. Simply go the recycle bin location . Use recycle bin and deleted all your files which can covered lots of space and slow down your window PC. Simply right click on “Recycle Bin” and click on the second option “Empty Recycle Bin” to deleted all the files. 
image of empty recycle bin for speed up computer

Use PC Clean Up Feature

#1 – Window provided the many features to improving your PC performance. PC Clean Up is one of them. Simply use this feature by going into the start menu and go to the “Accessories” and find from them a “System Tools” folder and find from them “Window Clean Up” and easily free up space. It can also increase your window speed. 
Image of use disk cleanup for speed up computer speed

Uninstall Un-Needed Applications

Applications are the basic and main part of slow down your PC speed. When you install any new application into your system , they might be get started and getting a lots of memory and your system will automatically slow down. But many of these applications are not in use , so you can simply uninstall these all applications from going into the “Control Panel”
image of control panel to uninstall unneeded applications for speed up computer
So these are some tips and methods which you utilize them and speed up computer speeds . Hope you like this article, and if you’ve suggestion to improve this post, then simply share your ideas below this post in the comments box. I’ll always try to adding your ideas in my posts for provided better knowledge to the world.