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The Ultimate Bing SEO Guide


Bing SEO Guide is a very helpful guide for those who want to getting traffic from all search engines, and Bing is one of them. These guidelines covers the broad range of SEO help related to Bing Search Engine and Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing has almost 18% of the US search market-shares. Still, millions of people don’t use Google . Their primary search engine is Bing and they think that Bing working well as compared to Google.

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So that’s why here are the ultimate complete guide about the Bing SEO related tips and tricks which you follow for building a successful blogs. Bing said that, these are best SEO Practices, that everyone would follow for better ranking in search engines.

SEO is still being a SEO. Bing doesn’t change anything on it, simply they change their user interface and make it more simple, so any one can easily search and find their required information quickly and eaisly.

Ultimate SEO Help for Bing Search Engine

1 – Quality Content

As you seen and listen many times , “Content is King” . This phrase telling the whole story about the quality contents . If you’ve a blog or website, and write a quality contents even you don’t know about the SEO term, search engine automatically find you and ranked you in the search engine. Because all search engine like quality of the contents not quantity. Bing also said that, not try to write hundreds of articles in quantity, but simply write a quality contents, and you would be automatically ranks in all the SERP’s .

2 – Fresh and Original Contents

Bing said that, don’t copy paste anything from the internet. Because they already indexed in search engine databases. Try to write a fresh and unique original contents according to your interest in your own style. Don’t copy contents even style of other webmasters, simply make you unique in the online world, try to write fresh contents in your own style.

3 – Best Practices for Publishing Contents

Here are some tips for publishing contents on your blogs or websites.
– Use different tags on different places, like <h1> , <h2>, <h3>, <b>, <i>, <u>, etc. Like all other search engines Bing loves all these tags.

– Use post title in <h1> , and again target the keyword in <h2> inside your post.

– Bing want meta description which is unique and related to your written article.

– Adding the meta keywords , into your HTML tags inside your template coding.

– Use specific language using the same criteria ,

<meta http-equiv=”content-language” content=”en-us” />

Mostly, people use English, but if you use any other language, use this meta tag.

4 – Crawlability

First of all when you submit your website and blogs to Bing Webmaster Tools, first of all Bing crawler find your contents / posts, and then crawler , crawls your web pages. If you use any internal or external links inside your single post, then crawler also crawl all these links separately. Links are beneficial for you, because crawlers can easily crawl your page more than one time ,if it includes internal or external links.

5 – Structure of Your Site / Blog

When you develop your blog or website, give the more attention of the structure of your blogs. Investing more times on the structure that easily find by the crawlers and crawl them easily. Navigation bar unique and text-based links, that can be easily determined and easily find. If the site structure of your blog is good and clean , clear, it’s a more easier for both of your readers as well as the search engines spiders to index all these links. Bing suggested you to use structure clean, clear and simple.

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6 – Meta Tags Robots

If you use mata tags inside your blog theme / templates, you’ve seen many time this tags  <meta name=”robots”> . This tag can be used for many ways. But you can use them in <head> section of your site using the same layout.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”/>

In this tag, if specify that,and tells to the robots to no-index specific page or links on the page. If you don’t want for search engine spiders to index that page, simply noindex it.

7 – Sitemaps

Sitemaps is the great way to tells the search engine robots, simply indexing all your webpages automatically when you published. Bing prefer that, simply submit your sitemaps to the bing webmaster tools . It is very important step and Bing love this step. This is the simple file which is resides at the root of your host like www.domain.com/sitemap.xml , and any other format. Spiders can index your all latest and fresh contents on daily basis, whenever you published new contents.

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8 – Social Media

Social Media plays a vital role in the today’s ranking of any blog or website. You can frequently share your regular posts on different social bookmarking websites , and visitors can visit your site on daily basis. If you’re influentially social person, this way you can share your information with your followers widely. Social media is a great strategy for being a successful in search engine ranking.

9 – Links Of your Site / Blog

Links are two main type internal links and other one is external links. Links are those things, which pointing to your blog to help Bing and other search engines to discover new pages on your site. It is the signal of popularity. As much you’ve a quality links inside your blog, Bing trust you as much. As a result, Bing rewarded the links that grown your ranking in the SERP’s automatically and your site will be ranked .

10 – Page Load Time ( PLT )

Fast loading sites are more ranked in the search engines as compared to the slow loading sites. Bing also loves the fast loading sites, who have takes less time for loading. This elements can impact directly to your readers satisfaction whenever they visit your blog. Visitor can leave those sites whose load time is very high. If they comes to your site from Search Engine Results, and you site takes time to loading, then it may be a unsatisfactory factors for your readers , and they left your site. Search engine don’t like that kind of sites .

11 – Robots.Txt

Robotx.Txt is a simple text file which you can upload own your root directory. This file is only for robots of search engines ,like Bingbot to understanding how to interact robots with your sites and your contents. You can tell Bing robots in this files, of which they can visit and index, and which are not allowed to index by spiders.

So these are the some SEO Tips for Bing Search Engines, which might be helpful to you for getting high ranking in the Bing search results pages. There are also many other tips which you can utilize, but these are the basics for you, which are very compulsory for getting high ranking in Bing. If you’ve any other suggestion, then comments below . Thanks ! ! !